Solicited Business Proposal for Word

Cover Letter

It is respectfully stated that I have been associated with the ABC consultancy firm for 4 years. I joined this firm as an internee to gain some experience during my studies. Later, after I completed my graduation, I was offered the job of assistant to the manager and since then I have been working in the following domain.

Over the years, I have gained enormous learning experience and knowledge and have also learned the art of tackling difficult clients. The most difficult job in a consultancy firm is to agree with clients on matters that are beneficial for them in the future, but they do not realize the gravity of the situation yet.

As an assistant, my job description is to carry out all the tasks related to clients and provided by the manager. I am equipped of performing research on companies as well as individuals, and business market stakes so that clients are provided accurate information and are guided in the right direction.

Recently, our firm is in the midst of acquiring a project from a renowned multinational brand and it is important to have them on board. I want the opportunity to represent my company before these potential clients and acquire their mega project.

I have already devised a proposal for this purpose and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.

Solicited business proposal cover letter

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Proposal Template


A solicited business proposal is a written document describing all the details of working and business to attract potential clients. Instead of advertisements, companies use proposals to help businesses and clients in buying their products and services, this process is also termed a solicitation. It enhances the profile of a business when it reaches a large scale in the business market and leads to making more business for the company without any advertisements and marketing.

Solicited business proposals are different from unsolicited business proposals because they are provided after RFP, also known as a request for proposal, and highlight all the services provided by the company, qualifications sought, and other deadlines that would be met by the company.

It also includes achievements and remarkable work efforts by the company to woo prospective clients and acquire their projects.

Solicited proposals generally mean that clients have already decided that they want to purchase a certain service or product, but they are unsure about the vendor or company that they should choose therefore, solicited proposals works wonder by engaging the attention of clients and giving strong reasons to choose their company.

I designed a proposal for the brand to choose our consultancy firm in the matter of launching a new product in the market. This brand is already famous for introducing remarkable products and helping the public in general, therefore, to gain such a project would be huge.

Action Plan

Steps included in providing consultancy to the brand regarding their new product are given below,

  • Research:

Consultant firm and employees will be responsible for thorough research of the market regarding the product. This research includes an analysis of the void that the product fills, the anticipation, and reaction of the public, and the requirements of the public. It also analyses the views of the public regarding the launch of such a product if they are ever introduced to it.

  • Strategies:

This step includes strategies to enhance the anticipation of the public regarding the product. Create hype in people’s minds and let them guess it. Conduct mock trials to enhance their need and also assist them in creating an image of the product and how it can be used.

  • Launch scheme:

Members of the board along-with clients decide on different strategies to launch products in a unique manner. It is important to create a different impact on the product though as means possible because it enhances their need, and they are eager to use it.

  • Marketing strategies”

The company decides the best marketing strategies for enhanced sales. Thinking about new ideas and renewing old and conventional methods to increase the anticipation of the public. Use of social media and influences to draw the attention of youngsters and create a stir in their minds.

Solicited business proposal template

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