Music Concert Proposal for Word

All bands and musicians have to perform at concerts to get a fan base and let their music get heard. It is expensive to hold a concert especially if you are a new band. You need to get the right funding to do so. Some festivals and venues also need music concert proposals from the band so that they can consider holding the event.

A music concert proposal is made to inform a concert organizer or investor about the band, its music, as well as its promotion strategy. This helps the organizer or investor figure out if the concert may turn out to be a success.

A music concert proposal helps organizers evaluate if a concert can help them and the band out. The band or musician will be analyzing different areas of their brand and can know more about it. The proposal can be consulted if the need arises at any time later.

You need to keep in mind that the music industry is competitive. You need to persevere and accept rejections. You have to stand out in front of this competition if you want to thrive.

A music concert proposal should be clear and descriptive. It should relate to the commercial along with the artistic attributes of the musician and band. The document needs to be persuasive. The following tips can be kept in mind when creating the document:

Application: The document is a professional one and so should be typed. You can do this in Microsoft Word.

Basic information: Provide the basic details like the name of your act, band, etc. The person who can be contacted, their name, and contact information must be given. You can provide your website. The dates you wish to perform on must be stated.

Artist biography: Give a short and simple artist biography. It is a good idea to state some of the artist’s and bands’ musical achievements as well as previous concerts that they held or were involved in. You can make these one or two paragraphs. Try and be descriptive and relatively objective.

Concert program: Carefully describe the concert program you hope to hold. You should include all the important details here. State the number of sets you wish to play and also how long these sets will be. If you are a classical musician, you can tell what pieces you want to perform, the names of the composers, and an approximate time of how long the pieces will be for.

Attachment: It is a good idea to attach a good and clear sound file. This must be one with a sample of your music. This is if the proposal needs to be submitted by email or is sent online. If you need to submit it in hard copy format, attach a CD or USB with some of your work.

How do you market and promote yourself: Describe the ideas you have for promoting your band or yourself! Tell the reader how you are presently promoting yourself. This can be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you have any promotional materials such as posters, you can include these as well. They will give a good impression of your band or yourself.

Layout and design: The design, as well as the layout of the proposal, are important. The proposal should look clean, formal, and professional. You want to show the reader that you are serious and that what you are proposing is also serious. Check for any spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the proposal.


A music concert proposal is a document that plays a main role in influencing whether the investor or event organizer will consider what you are asking them for. You want to show your professionalism with the help of this document. You need to be able to convince the reader that you are someone who they should invest in.

Any attachments that you add to your music should be your best work. Be sure that these are recorded properly without any disturbances. This is if you want to give a good impression of your band or yourself.

Music concert proposal

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