Fiction Book Proposal for Word

Cover Letter

It is stated that I have been working with ABC literary club for 4 years. I work in the capacity of an assistant to the manager and handle official matters.

I have always been fond of writing therefore, after my graduation, I joined the club as an intern to gain experience and with the passage of time, I secured the permanent job offered after the completion of my internship.

I handle all the tasks related to new writers and sometimes I am also assigned the task of providing my critical opinion regarding the writings of different writers. Working with a manager, I have gained numerous experiences and it has also helped in shaping and enhance my own literary skills.

I have always been fascinated by fiction writing and have also received awards in school and college competitions, but I have never worked in a professional sense.

The magazine run by the club always provides a chance for new writers and provides them a medium to showcase their skills and let the world know about their talent. I would also request you to consider my request for a fiction book that I have been working on for many years. I have attached a proposal for my book with the following letter. Kindly consider my request.


A fiction book proposal is a written document that explains all the important information regarding the book to the receiver mainly the publisher and emphasizes the worth of information that could become a fortune for the publisher.

Mostly, proposals are directed toward renowned publishers to let them know about the quality of the book and the money it would make for the publisher if it is published. It is used to persuade the reader to project towards the idea and meaning behind it.

These proposals are a great way to express and sharpen ideas earning writing and also pinpoint flaws that may have been overlooked earlier. It helps in understanding the essence behind the whole concept and makes it easy to take forward.

Submitting a proposal to the head and hoping that it may get published by the club, can be very daunting because it requires great knowledge and command over the subject and concept.

If the proposal goes wrong, it may cost the job and the book will not be in any scenario of getting published. There are certain rules and tips for writing an attractive book proposal which are given below.


Contents of a proposal may differ according to the subject and idea, but overall major contents remain unchanged and are mentioned below,

  1. Header: The header of a proposal includes the title of the book and also includes information about the author. Name, email, and contact information about the author are also mentioned to make urgent contact possible.
  2. Synopsis of the book: A synopsis of the book is provided to make sure that the reader is well-aware of the contents of the book. The synopsis is defined as the short form that includes major details of the project. It can be brief or long based on the information that the author wants to share with the reader.
  3. Chapters: A complete and comprehensive book is composed of well-written and well-organized chapters which can be arranged in ascending order or arranged in a manner that keeps the interest and curiosity of the reader intact. The author may decide to provide a brief note about every chapter in the proposal to provide a complete insight to the reader.
  4. Minor Details: This portion includes all the minor details of the book which are not necessarily mentioned in the book but are an integral part of the publishing and release process it includes the cover page, font size, style, and other details that may signify the purpose of book are mentioned.
  5. About Author: Many authors like to share their details on the book and also include their previous publications. Information about authors may include their life, education, and experiences of life to make a contact with their audience.
  6. Audience: The proposal also includes the information that the author envisioned related to his book. Books are based on a particular type of audience and while publishing, it is kept in mind to target the right audience.
Fiction book proposal template