Bed and Breakfast Business Proposal

It is stated that I have been associated with the department of food and authority for 16 years. In the following department, I started working as an assistant and now I have been promoted to the rank of a manager and lead a team of 5 competent members. The major task of my department is to ensure food quality at hotels. There are many hotels in the area and keeping a quality control check at every hotel is a very difficult task.

Sometimes the management of hotel do not cooperate with us and we are forced to take strict action against them. There are also departments that maintain the quality of the environment within a room. They check the quality of bedding provided and make sure it is of fine quality. Hotels with a good reputation are more likely to maintain quality as their guests prefer to dine within the hotel rather than going out. Whereas hotels with bad reputation do not have their kitchen maintained and come under the radar of our department.

It is very difficult for a middle-class man to find suitable accommodation in a foreign city that also provides quality food. Therefore, I came up with the idea of a bed and breakfast business after my retirement, which is approaching rapidly. This new venture will not only keep me busy after retirement but will also contribute back to the community but providing a bed and breakfast to passengers.

I designed a thorough business proposal and attached it with the following letter.


Manager at Department of Food and Authority


Bread & breakfast is an affordable accommodation providing an overnight stay and meal in the morning. Mostly these establishments are managed by people living in big houses and can provide a bed to a passenger for staying the night and arrange for his breakfast. The rent of the room provided is minimal as compared to any fine hotel. Therefore, the concept of bread and breakfast is very popular among people traveling alone. Private homes are a good type of accommodation in which hosts live in the same house and provide a single room to the passenger.

Sometimes these rooms have an attached bathroom otherwise common bathrooms are used. In addition to private homes, bread and breakfast hotel are also found, mainly on the highway, which provides an ease to the travelers to rest if they are tired and can continue their journey the next day.

I want to lay the foundation of a lodge on the highway to accommodate travelers with a comfortable experience and journey. This lodge will have 20 rooms with an attached bath and will be provided meals at night and in the morning at reasonable rates. Passengers will be asked to keep their identity card and driving license handy for staying the night.


It is not an easy task to lay down the foundation of a business from scratch. More than time and money, it requires passion and determination to see all the work through and make it successful. The location of the B & B has already been decided, it is on a major highway and the building was used as B & B but due to some reasons, it didn’t work and have been left like that. It has been a home for stray animals and druggies. Everything is covered with dust and some renovations are also required. Following objectives will be achieved over the course of 1 year,

  • Renovation of the hotel and nearby garden area to give it a presentable look.
  • Deciding name and policy for the new place and how it is going to work.
  • Buying furniture for each room and setting it up.
  • Buying bathroom accessories and other essentials for decor.
  • Purchasing curtains, bedsheets, cushions, and other room items.
  • Deep cleaning of the B & B after work is completed.
  • Hiring employees to work in the departments of reception, cooking, serving, cleaning, cashier and so on.

Services provided

Although B & B does not provide many services, I plan to provide a unique experience to my customers through my B & B. The services provided by our lodge will include,

  • Room equipped with a single mattress bed, side tables, and a window.
  • The facility of an attached bath will be available for every room.
  • Hot bath
  • Toiletries
  • Fresh towels
  • Pillow
  • Television
  • Room service
  • Bar
  • Chess
  • Wi-Fi

Keys to success

The success of a business does not depend on money or time invested in it, rather it depends on persistence and patience to deal with hurdles that come during production and running. Some of the key points that may lead to success include,

  • Providing good quality service, as there is no point in bad service if you want your business to be successful.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Taking the reviews of customers seriously and make improvements.


Each setup requires money either it is built from scratch or by the renovation of an already existing building. Following this project, investments were made for,

  • Renovation
  • Woodwork
  • Rent of the building
  • Furniture
  • Utilities
  • Stationery
  • Eatables
  • Soft drinks
  • Pay of employees.

Marketing strategies

The success of each business depends on the strategies that are being used for marketing. It is as important to endorse a product as it is to make a product. Many products are marketed when they are in the production line to enhance the curiosity of the public. An element of surprise is being added in marketing strategies to enhance the anticipation of the public. The following strategy can be used,

Brochures: Marketing through brochures is a highly used method as it can be spread throughout the city. They can be pasted on the highway.


Bed and Breakfast Business Proposal Template