Valentine’s Day Decoration Proposal

It is respectfully stated that I have been working for ABC Designs for 4 years. After completing my education in the field of designing, I joined this company as an intern, to gain some perspective on the practical world. My experience has been great, and I have learned a lot from my mentors each day is like learning a new lesson.

ABC Design is an event managing and decorating company that provides consultations regarding your events. These events can be of small or larger scale depending on the clients. ABC has made its huge mark in the field of organizing events because of its huge clientele and unique designs that shows the dedication and hard work of its worker.

ABC also conduct classes for the student to teach them design in real events so that they can make a living for themselves. We receive many clients on daily basis and simultaneously conduct various events each day. There are many teams that take care of each department and make sure that every client receives the best services.

Clients provide us with their requirements and an insight into how they envision their event, and our teams work around those requirements to bring out all the factors.

I have always been a part of clients’ meetings, designing, searching for props, and executing. Seniors have always praised my ideas and motivated me to move up ahead. I would like to take a lead on a recently acquired project and execute it with my team. I have already made a proposal for the event and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval.

Kindly consider my request.


Events are celebrated with family and friends to enjoy those precious moments and make a memory out of them forever. They are celebrated in full swing to maximize joy and happiness. All the families gather from far-off places to be with their loved ones. These events can be birthdays, anniversaries, result celebrations, valentine’s day, Christmas, and many more.

Earlier, people used to celebrate events by decorating their places themselves with ribbons and balloons but later this trend changed when more and more organizers and designers opened a market and started their businesses. They received press for taking care of everything and letting the people enjoy themselves without any worry.

People started hiring professionals for getting these jobs done and felt relaxed. Similarly, the industry of ornaments and other accessories also boomed noting the interest of the public in these things. Now, almost all events are incomplete without organizers and a lot of decorative items.

Valentine’s day is a special event that is celebrated to express your love for your significant other. It is celebrated in the memory of a great lover and has been here for many years. People make special efforts to celebrate it like no one has ever celebrated it and want to use all types of decorative items such as balloons, flowers, chocolates, and many others.

Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year and millions of people join in the celebration from the whole world.

Decoration for valentine’s day differs according to the nature of clients but all these decorations involve decorative items with a different design. These designs are the reason that professionals are hired to take care of the job.

For this project, I attended meeting with clients and list down all their requirements. Later, I visited the venue with my team, and we discussed strategies regarding how the space can be used beneficially.

Action Plan

Steps taken for decorating a balcony with the spacious ground are given below,

  • Arranging 2 single-seater sofas with a trendy table for dinner.
  • Decorating table with colorful flowers and a centerpiece bouquet.
  • Add balloons alongside the railing to give it a grand look.
  • Making way to the balcony with flower petals and ending it up with a heart.
  • Heart of petals will surround the seating area.
  • Addition of candles on the railing with flickering lights.
  • Making a gate of balloons and light curtains along the way to the table.
Valentine’s Day Decoration Proposal