Dance Studio Proposal

I have been working with ABC School for 8 years. I work in the capacity of a dance instructor with two other instructors. Every school provides the facility of dance period along with an academic schedule. It gets easy for students if they want to choose a career in the field. These periods take place twice a week for each class and students are taught basics about dancing.

Advanced steps or different modes of dancing are not taught to lower-grade students because it can be too much for them. Some students have their fields decided and do not like to participate in such activities, but they are bound to do so. Dancing keeps them active and provides a distraction from academics.

These periods of dancing are taken seriously as school organize a dancing competition with other school and winning matters a lot. It contributes to the overall performance of a school and helps in marketing. Other than competitions, students are also asked to perform at different functions conducted by school i.e., Fun Gala, Sports day, etc.

I have a professional degree in the field of dancing from a renowned institute, but I never wanted to perform, I always wanted to teach dancing at my studio. I joined as a dance instructor because of financial issues. But now I am financially good and want to pursue my dream of a dance studio. I have designed a proposal for my dream venture and looking forward to your consideration. To get approval for the business we must get it approved from [X] department.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


[Your Name]
Instructor at ABC School


A dance studio is a space specifically reserved for dancers either for learning or performing rehearsals. These studios can be built, or any large room can be given the title of a dance studio. Major change associated with a dance studio is the presence of smooth vinyl floor covering also known as performance floor as it helps dancers during their performance. These floor coverings are not permanently fixed to the ground; thus, they can be transported anywhere for performance in rolls.

Another feature associated with dance studio is barre, it is like a rod and is fixed to the wall. It is waist-line high and is used to provide support to the dancer, particularly used by ballerina. Every dance studio has different features based on the dance form they will teach. All dance floors have one wall covered with mirrors, which allow the performers to see their instructors and mirror their movements. It also helps in correcting body positions and alignments.

Dance studios are equipped with the latest music system with different gadgets that allow instructors to play, change or replay music within a moment. These players are very swift in the following command otherwise it would be very difficult for the instructors to focus on dance if the music player is acting out.

I acquired a professional degree in modern dance form as I liked this field when I was young, and it is very much liked by the youngsters now. My dance studio will include many separate dance spaces for different forms. Modern dance includes a variety of dance forms such as tutting, popping, locking, hip hop, and others. I will hire instructors for teaching and will be present in the supervisory role.


To lay the foundation of a business or a studio is a very difficult task because it requires determination, finances, and thorough knowledge of the field. Almost every other youngster wants to make a career out of this field because of its appealing appearance but it is very difficult to be a performer and perform in front of an audience. The difficult task of set up can be achieved by dividing it into following small, manageable objectives,

  • Renting a huge space for my setup and start to renovate it for a dance studio.
  • Deciding name and policy for my studio for student’s admission and carrying out operations.
  • Contracts with different dance programs in the country to display my talent through my students.
  • Setting up an office space for dealing with students and meeting their parents if necessary.
  • Buying furniture and other decor items for setting up the office.
  • Purchasing equipment i.e., music player and other essentials for the studio.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.


Every business or start-up requires a specific skill set to make it run. Required skills differ from business to business as there are no hard and fast rules to make a business successful. It requires passion and patience to make it work. As a dance instructor following skills can be very useful,

  • A professional degree in the field or a certificate of a course to get registration of the business and other legal affairs.
  • Management skills allow you to manage various tasks at one time. It gets difficult to manage all students and instructors so managing power could come in handy and avoid hassle at the last minute.
  • Communication skills allow you to communicate in a better manner with students or your colleagues. It helps in understanding the requirements of other person and allow them to understand tour instructions.
  • Financial knowledge is crucial for every business as every matter in a new start-up requires the involvement of finances i.e., purchasing equipment, hiring employees, paying employees, accepting fees of students, etc. Financial skills also help in keeping you stable as you will know your finances and will not overspend on something you should not. It frees you from being independent of another person.
  • Connections matter the most as people must know about your new start-up so people can enroll and make it successful.

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Dance Studio Proposal