Dog Obedience School Proposal

I have worked with [ABC] company for ten years. This company works under the guidelines of the government and trains dogs for police and the military. Different armed forces use trained dogs for different purposes e.g., locating criminals, finding murderers. Specific senses of dogs are enhanced through rigorous training to achieve desired results. These pieces of training are conducted by professionals and are devised based on the learning capacity of dogs. Some of the trainings are really hard and are passed after continuous efforts from the animal as well as trainers.

The diets of these dogs are very specific and are chosen based on their built and health. They are not allowed to just eat anything instead; proper checks and balances are maintained regarding their eating habits. All these trainings are conducted on government-owned farms and all the employees are considered as government employees.

After staying here for some time which is based on training, these dogs are subjected to mock trials to test their ability and prepare them for the field. If a dog passes a mock trial, then it is handed over to armed forces to use them in the field and catch criminals.

I joined this company as a manager of the farm and got certified in the field of training because it was a prerequisite to be trained as a dog trainer, but I chose domestic dog training at that time. Now, I want to utilize my training by opening a dog obedience school for taming domestic dogs.

I have designed a proposal for my idea and seek approval from [X]. I have attached a complete proposal with all the necessary details. Please find time to read and consider the request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


[Your Name]
Manager at ABC Company


Dog obedience is a process of training dogs for various reasons i.e., to perform certain tasks, assist in specific activities, or be able to love among humans as a domestic dog. Domestication of dogs has been happening since Romans and is continue much more enthusiastically and lovingly.

Obedience schools for dogs play a key role in training dogs. Various such schools are operating worldwide and are getting more popular by the day. Most of the owners prefer to train themselves but schools provide an excellent opportunity for a dog to learn as these schools are run by professionals and they provide extra care to special dogs.

Different types of methods can be used by schools for training, these methods are based on the learning ability of the dog and their response to different situations.

Major techniques that are followed for training include,

  1. Aversive-based training: Aversive-based training is based on creating an environment of discipline among animals. It uses punishment or other such techniques to train dogs. These punishments may include scolding, being loud, using unpleasant noises, or physical corrections to get the dog the way you want it. Although this technique is rejected by many dog experts as it creates fear in the mind of dogs but within a school, it works for some dogs and not on others.
  2. Reward-based methods: Reward-based training uses positive rewards only on the dog behavior that the instructors want the dog to adopt. Dogs respond more quickly to love rather than fear. Rewards may include treats, belly rub, play fetch, etc.


Establishing a business from the core is not an easy task as it requires determination, finances, and thorough knowledge of the field. This difficult task can only be achieved by dividing it into the following small, manageable objectives,

  • Renting a place for setting up the school. The location should not be in the rush of the city as noise pollution can create a nuisance.
  • Deciding name and policies for working and carrying out operations.
  • Setting up an office space to deal with clients personally.
  • Arranging a huge ground for dog activities and playing games.
  • Meeting with a veterinarian to schedule checkups of dogs on regular basis.
  • Buying gaming equipment and other essentials in the best quality.
  • Purchasing furniture and foe setting up the office.
  • Hiring staff such as dog professionals, trainers, instructors, managers, receptionists, administrators, and cleaners.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.


Every business requires specific skillsets for its operation which may vary from business to business. Running a business is a hard nut to crack and it requires immense patience and passion to make it work. Some skills that can be useful in this field include,

  • A professional degree of training dogs from a reputable institute or a certificate of any course for registration purposes and legal matters.
  • Accurate knowledge of dog training is gained through working in the field and dealing with the dogs as some dogs are very difficult to train.
  • Communication skills can be very useful in the following field as it allows you to communicate properly with your clients and understand their requirements regarding their pets. It also allows you to better communicate the actual situation of their pet.
  • Financial knowledge is very crucial for running any business as every matter requires the involvement of finances i.e., buying equipment, paying employees, collecting fees from the clients, etc. Financial knowledge avoids the hassle of hiring any employee for helping you around it as that can be very difficult.
  • Management skills help you in managing various tasks, meetings, clients in a better way. Everybody is in a hurry; therefore, it is important to manage your affairs properly to avoid any difficulties and delays.
  • Leadership qualities allow you to lead your team in a better manner and get the desired work done. Being a leader is a huge responsibility as you have to make certain decisions that may not sit well with your team and you will have to make them comfortable to work. It is important to provide an amicable environment to the employees.


Dog Obedience School Proposal