School Club Proposal Template for Word

A student club or society is an organization of students in an educational institute that is run by students. The purpose of this club is generally to handle matters of students. Institutes encourage their students to open clubs because it develops their leadership skills and fosters interests that are common among different students.

A school society proposal is written when a school does not have a club or organization for students and there is a potential to open a club. In this proposal, it is the job of the student to convince the management of the school into permitting to start an organization that can work for students’ rights while staying within legal constraints.

In most schools, no external body is allowed to open a club because they cannot be sincere or honest about maintaining discipline at the school as any student enrolled in the school can be. Therefore, this proposal should be written by a student at that school.

Alumni students at the school can also write this proposal proposing their ideas regarding running a society and making it successful.

Students need to have a separate society that can work for their rights. In addition to it, discipline among students is also maintained and they learn the importance of leadership. When there is no society in the school, enrolled students or alumni can choose to write a proposal that can help them in a number of ways.

The proposal written for starting a new club enables the proposal writer to provide some ideas to the school that can help them convince the school to start an organization. With the help of this proposal, you can tell the management of the school what you want to do for students at the school to make them more disciplined and organized.

Since you want to persuade the reason into accepting your point of view and get convinced to work with you, your proposal needs to be drafted in such a way that it can look like a professional document.

Write a summary of the proposal:

The first and foremost part of every proposal is a summary that the reader is most interested in reading. In this part, you are expected to write as to why you think the club for students is important and why the school should think about opening it.

Try to come up with some very sound reasons that make sense to the reader and he can feel that the proposal has something useful to bring to the table. You can use bullet points if you have multiple reasons. Since you are a part of the school, you can also present a scenario in which a school club could have managed things in a better way

Propose the name of the club and your introduction:

Every club in the school has a unique name. Therefore, you should name the club you want to open. If your club is based on a specific purpose, its name should reflect it. After reading the proposal, the recipient might want to know who sent the proposal and from which class and department the student proposing opening a club belongs. This information is important because the school might prefer senior or alumni students freshly enrolled.

State the mission of the club:

Every club or society in an educational institute generally has a mission to work on. They are generally intended to contribute to society by highlighting some good norms of the society and discouraging some toxic ones. In the school, if you want to open a club that can empower the girls enrolled in the school, you should come up with your mission statement. The stronger the statement is, the more likely it would be for the recipient to accept the proposal.

Give a call to action:

Let the school know that you expect a response from them. Request to contact you for further details.


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