Thank You Letter for Business Proposal Acceptance


Re. Cordial Thanks for Business Proposal Acceptance

Dear Rosy,

I am writing this to your company on behalf of Alectoria Constructions and Enterprises with reference to the business proposal made by Alectoria Constructions on 10th November 2020 in which a very smart package for construction was offered to General Smith. I am greatly delighted to receive your proposal acceptance letter yesterday. I informed Mr. Sherman Stick about this proposal acceptance who has been overly delighted to have this contract bound with such a professional team.

Mr. Stick wants to communicate his cordial thanks to General Smith for accepting this proposal and showcasing staunch confidence in the construction project of Alectoria Groups.

We have also received initial documentation and paperwork from you which is a bolded sign of professional integrity and business ethics. In the mean times, it is important to arrange a business meeting where both parties can work more on handling this project and does some other unfinished documentation and contract bullets. It is also viable to discuss market strategies and tools to circumvent any miscommunication or muddle.

We extend our gratitude to your HR department for responding in such a quick and professional manner and your accounts department for making all the computations before time. We have enclosed the meeting schedule and the remaining bullet points which were discussed but not mentioned with this letter. We once again thank you for showing your interest in mutual collaboration and faith in our products.

For more, you are welcomed to write us undeviatingly at [email] or fax us at [X]. You can also directly make a ring at [email].

Thank you.

Alectoria Constructions and Enterprises
Dallas, Texas, USA

Thank You Letter for Business Proposal Acceptance


Re. Ardent Thanks for Business Proposal Acceptance

Dear Simon,

I am Edwards Stern from Bradley Group of Hardware and Electronics Yard (BGHEY). I am a Senior HR Manager at BGHEY, and I am now given a special responsibility to serve the company in megaproject plans. In this letter, I intend to thank you for accepting the proposal put forward by BGHEY to your company on 10th November 2020.

We are fervently overwhelmed and highly inspired by the acceptance and characteristic approach of the company and contract manager. As you already know that the proposal was about hardware replacements of your IT department which is marvelous and the custom approval.

We are thankful to you for accepting this proposal and manifesting the gesture of mutual bound, cooperation, and cordial collaboration. We are greatly impressed by the comprehensive understanding of the project specifications and general scope.

I came to know through your email and proposal acceptance that you want this project to be accomplished by the end of December 20, 2020. As this deadline demands immediate initiations, we need to begin the discussions immediately and pave the runway.

I request you to call me at your earliest convenience and arrange a meeting for some important paperwork, signatures, and other formalities. We believe in the mutual benefits of this project and want it to stand out remarkably. You can also email us at [email] or any query.

I once again thank you for proffering your confidence in this company and showing satisfaction with all the bidding agreement requirements.


Edward Stern
BG, Denver, Colorado, USA

Thank You Letter for Business Proposal Acceptance