Vendor Proposal Acceptance Letter


I am Steward Hill, writing on behalf of Studio 96 as a senior consultant. With reference to the meeting held on 10th November 2030, I hereby reconfirm that we have decided to accept the proposal put in front of us regarding the neo-glass material project. As you must remember that your company, as a vendor put forward a proposal of cooperation with Studio 96 for the project of the new neo-glass material project.

I am delighted to send you this letter as an official confirmation of acceptance of the proposal given by you. Your proposed agreement was observed and scrutinized by our contract head and creative director who showed their interest and inclination in working with you. They have decided that you will be our vendor from now and we will work on this project for three months. The tenure of this association will be from 20th November 2030 to 20th February 2030.

Our company works and has a big slogan in the timeliness of the targets; therefore, we expect the same from you. Timeliness, professional approach, professional commitment, and meeting deadlines are a few chief factors in the flourishment of a genuine business.

I am sure this association will meet a great upshot by achieving large clientage and audiences through mutual coordination and collaboration. I have also enclosed the document of terms and conditions for the agreement.

We are willing for another earliest meeting to discuss further proceedings and payments for the sake of circumventing any misinterpretation or lags. Kindly inform us about your most immediate convenient availability so that a meeting can be scheduled. I hope this will be a satisfying and pleasing experience for both parties. You can write to us at [email] or call us at [NUMBER].

Thank you

Steward Hill,
Senior Consultant, Studio 96

Vendor Proposal Acceptance Letter


This is to notify you on behalf of Nelson Dom Group of Companies that we have gone through your proposal firmly and settled to accept the proposal. The suggestion was very captivating as it reassures the mutual interests of both parties. I am entranced to inform you at the official stand that we have accepted your proposal and you will be Nelson Dom’s vendor now.

The proposal was suggested last week on 10th November 2030 in the Linux Conference Hall meeting where your senior contractor proposed a comprehensive offer for the project of Green Rex of the World (GRoW).

The proposal proposed its complete reciprocal assistance and coordination for the project at conforming packages that are suitable for both. This project named GRoW (Green Rex of the World) keeps an indispensable position in our company as it is raised by many weeks or even months of working and qualified approaches. We gladly accept this vendor proposal and want to extend this competence with your cooperation and decent coordination.

We expect eminent professionalism, timeliness, integrity, and cordial assistance from you. We seek a bi-monthly supply of the products, fortnight meetings, and eco-friendly manufacturing of the proposed products.

We are compliant for another meeting to decisively conclude this agreement on payment and working modules. Please, inform us about your most immediate availability so that a meeting can be fixed and thus, this three months tenure of the project can be instated.

We extend our warm thanks to your HR Department too for such a professional stance and allegiance to their work.

Thanks again.


Robar Neel
Assistant Director, Nelson Dom Group of Companies
Austin, Texas, USA

Vendor Proposal Acceptance Letter