Lawn and Garden Business Proposal

I have been associated with the ABC company for lawn and garden services for 18 years. I started my journey as a cleaner and through hard work and determination, I reached the rank of a manager and manages a team of 8 employees. Almost every house in the city and nearby area is surrounded by lawns on all 4 sides of the house. It is important to keep these lawns manicured and well-watered as per the rules imposed by the government. But every person in the house either hoes for a job or study therefore, most of the residents are unable to cater to their lawns. They hire our services to maintain their lawns and get paid.

ABC is an online-based company and mostly works by phone. They call us to book our services and we dispatch a team of competent employees to take care of their lawn. Some of the residents book us on a weekly or monthly basis and pay according to it. Other than residential area, public parks and lawns of office buildings are also maintained by our company.

I have worked hard to achieve success in the field and make a name for myself but being associated with a major company, it is difficult to make yourself known. Therefore, I want to set up my own business of lawn and garden services. I will be able to teach employees myself and set my own rules of working. With an experience of 18 years, it will not be difficult for me to make this venture a successful business.

All the businesses related to lawn services are approved by the XYZ department before their start-up. I designed a business proposal for my idea, and I am attaching it with the following letter in hopes of seeking your approval. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


[Your Name]
Manager at ABC Company


Lawn and garden care is defined as the process of maintaining a lawn or a garden in a good manner. It is not an easy task as lawns are full of dry leaves and other things that come through wind and affect the overall look. There are a number of companies providing services related to lawn care because every resident requires them.

Lawns of the residential area are easy to clear and water as they are not too big and can be covered by 2 workers whereas, public gardens are huge and needs to be maintained at every moment due to the flow of public for different activities such as jogging, enjoying the environment, walking, or walking their kids or dogs, etc. There are a number of tasks that are performed for maintaining a lawn. These tasks include,

  • Collecting all the leaves from the ground and disposing of them properly.
  • Keeping planters clean by painting or washing.
  • Remove excess growth of plants and trees by cutting.
  • Remove wild plants, weeds, moss to further plant growth.
  • Water plants generously.
  • Provide compost to the plants if needed.
  • Clear the grass from all leaves, flowers, and other objects.
  • Seed more plants if the residents demand.
  • Provide proper aeration mechanism to the ground.
  • Mow lawn if needed.

Requirements for public gardens are entirely different from residential lawns as the former are used excessively by different people for different purposes. Some families enjoy picnics whereas, students also visit these gardens from their school to observe different plants and trees. For garden, services provided will include,

  • Removing moss, weeds, and leaves from the ground to keep it tidy.
  • Keeping planters neat by painting them.
  • Watering grass and plants daily to prevent their death.
  • Removing dead parts of the plants to give an overall fresh appearance.
  • Keep the jogging track clean to avoid inconvenience to the joggers or walkers.
  • Keeping all the swings and other gaming material clean for visiting children.
  • Sowing new grass if it is worn out from some area.
  • Planting seeds for flowers and trees to enhance the beauty of the garden.


It is not an easy task to build a business from scratch. I have the expertise to run the business and teach its key points but establishing it is from the core is very difficult. It can only be achieved by dividing it into the following small, manageable objectives,

  • Renting a place to set up a workspace to keep tolls and patches of grass, seeds, etc.
  • Setting up an office space to deal with clients if required.
  • Hiring employees to work in the departments of management, administration, mowing, cutting, cleaners, painters, fence makers, etc.
  • Setting up a booking system online through a website.
  • Buying equipment for lawn care and other essentials.
  • Purchasing furniture and stationery for office use.


Running a business of lawn and garden service requires a specific skill set and sometimes a degree or a certificate. Skills that can prove to be useful include,

  • Degree or certificate in lawn or garden care, agricultural background, or degree, completed a course on lawn care.
  • Communication skills are very essential as the base of the business is communication with others while taking orders and understanding their requirements. These skills empower you to convey your services and reservations in a proper manner.
  • Leadership quality allows you to lead your team in a way that allows you to get maximum work done in the allotted time. It also allows employees to understand the nature of work and employer and work accordingly.
  • Management skills help in managing different orders or tasks at a time and complete them carefully. It helps in the time of rush and allows you to work.
  • Financial knowledge is very important for running any type of business as it allows you to bypass the process of hiring specialists and be dependent on them. Finances are involved in every matter while buying anything or while receiving pay.


Lawn and Garden Business Proposal