Electronics Repair Shop Business Proposal

I have been working for ABC company for 13 years. This company manufactures various electrical household appliances such as refrigerators, heaters, kettles, air conditioners, and many others. I work in the department of repair in the capacity of a manager and lead a team of 5 employees. Our job is to repair all the appliances that are sent by users.

Sometimes faults occur in the machinery, they can only be repaired through the company and no other electrician can repair them. After repairing, all the appliances are sent back to the users. I joined this company as a worker and did not know anything. I started learning from my seniors and got a diploma in electronics. After attending many seminars and honing my skills, I was promoted to the rank of senior electrician 5 years ago. Since then, it is my job to teach new entries and manage work.

The biggest problem I face in the company is its distance from my hometown. I have to spend 2 or 3 hours daily on local buses and then reach my destination. It has been my life for my long that it has made me tired. Therefore, I came up with the plan of setting up my own shop of electronics repair in my area.

There are no such shops anywhere nearby and people have to carry their appliances to other shops in different areas. It causes difficulty as it is not easy to carry any electrical gadget and commute cost is too much to hire any conveyance. I am firm on my idea of a shop and have also designed a proposal about this venture. As all such businesses are approved by the XYZ department, therefore, I am attaching my business proposal with the following letter. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


[Your Name]
Electrician at [ABC] Company


Electronics include the study of engineering, technology, physics, and their applications that deal with the control and flow of electrons in vacuum and matter. It is comprised of the study of circuits that are built together by different components and are attached through wires. Wires ensure the flow of free electrons throughout the circuit and allow it to produce an effect. All machinery is made up of different arrangements of circuits to carry out various tasks.

Computers are an example of complex electronic systems as they are composed of many circuits. Sometimes these circuits can act out causing the machinery to stop. There may be many reasons that can cause any machinery to stop i.e., wire break, worn out circuit, blocked electron flow, etc. All these faults are repaired by the specialists of electronics.

I want to set up a business that not only provides assistance at the shop but can be called home for repair work. There is no repair shop in my area, and it will be a good chance for the youngsters to learn a new skill and make their living out of it. Residents living nearby shops will be able to call and ask for an electrician to come home and repair their machinery. There will be extra charges, but it will facilitate residents from bringing their heavy machinery to the shop and then taking it back to their home.


Setting up a business from scratch is a very difficult task as it requires experience and strong finances to support it. This task can only be completed by dividing it into the following doable and manageable objectives.

  • Searching for a suitable location for setting up the business.
  • Renting the space and doing a necessary renovation to turn it into a repair shop.
  • Buying all the necessary equipment and tools to start the work.
  • Setting up a small office space to deal with clients personally and also take orders on phone.
  • Purchasing furniture and stationery for office use.
  • Hiring staff to work in the departments of electricians, delivery boys, management, administration, and cleaning.
  • Finalizing the name and policy of the shop.
  • Start the venture by using good marketing strategies.


Every business requires a specific skill set to make it successful. Success cannot be achieved within a day or a month, it requires constant efforts and determination, and skills. For the repair shop, the following skills can be very useful,

  • 4 years’ degree in the field of electronics engineering or a certificate in the electrical field or any other diploma is essential to understand the root cause of problems.
  • Most skills regarding repair are learned while working at the shop and following seniors. Practical skills can never be taught at any institute.
  • Communication skills allow you to communicate with clients in a good manner and help in understanding their problems regarding their machinery. After truly understanding the fault, an electrician can present the desired product.
  • Leadership qualities help in managing a team effortlessly and teach you to draw maximum work from your team in desired time.
  • Management skills help in managing different tasks from many clients in an effective and efficient way. During rush hours, no client understands the situation and just want their work done, it is important to manage the work of all the clients without hurdles.
  • Financial knowledge is the most crucial skill that a businessman must-have. It is the foundation of a successful business as it allows you to manage your finances and provide the freedom of hiring any help. Every task in a new set up require finance therefore, it is important to manage them properly.

Marketing strategies

The success of each business is dependent on the strategies that are used for marketing. Some of the strategies that can be employed include,

  • Brochures can be pasted at various places to attract the attention of the public and let them know about our services.
  • Social media can be used by uploading advertisements and spreading the word.


Electronics Repair Shop Business Proposal Template
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