Property Purchase Proposal

ABC is a construction company and deals with the construction and selling of houses. It is also involved in property dealing and other such ventures. I joined this company due to my education and interest in the field of real estate. I have also been a very close spectator of constructing houses and other buildings. When the company takes on a project, it takes on all the tasks required for the project and provides a fully functioning house to its clients.

For instance, the project of a home requires the building of a grey structure, tiling, electric connection, sewerage, doors, and all other accessories. Company deals with a team of workers that perform exceptional services in their respective fields. In addition to taking such projects, the company also constructs homes to sell which are designed according to the company’s liking.

Real Estate is an altogether different field that requires continuous efforts for selling desired property. It includes making offers to hefty clients to provide them lands that suitable to their business or can prove to be a great investment.

I have always had a great interest in property dealing due to the uncertainty of the business. It can either work or not work at all. It is a slow process but once done, it can bring heavy commission. I have decided to make a career out of this field as I have enough experience and expertise to make it successful.

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A property purchase proposal is a sales document where the agent presents a complete plan of the property they are selling and what they intend to do for their clients. The proposal completely outlines the scope of work so that client has a clear idea of what you are going to do with the property, how much cost is required, and how much time will be required. It gives the complete plan to clients without signing any contracts.

These proposals are presented to hefty clients so that they can invest in real estate and make money by selling property at peak times. These properties are mostly used for commercial purposes and are at a remote location in the city to allow easy access from every part of the city. Investors with heavy bank balances invest in the building of hospitals or shopping malls as they are always in business and generate good revenue.

Some of the property dealers also have the business of construction and development of the property. They have immense knowledge of the location and soil; thus, they can provide great advice in terms of the future of the property.

I intend to write proposals to different people for investing in property or other such ventures I.e., construction of commercial plazas, residential studios, and other public places as they are always crowded.


Property purchase is never easy as well as selling it because there are many factors and care should be taken for all. This hard task can only be achieved by dividing it into steps which are mentioned below,

  • Renting a place to set up the office and starting the work.
  • Renovation and decoration to make the space more likable.
  • Buying furniture to set up the office.
  • Hiring other staff for various chores at the office i.e., research, sightseeing, making deals, making connections, etc.
  • Hiring other staff for cleaning, managing office, and providing refreshments to clients.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.

Keys to success

There are no hard and fast rules to achieve success as the road to success is paved through continuous efforts and passion. Some of the key steps that can be followed for achieving success are mentioned below,

  • Never compromise on providing the best services to each client.
  • Do not try to scam or play any client for some monetary benefits.
  • Always have good relations with previous clients as they can be potential customers in future as well.


Every setup requires a specific skill set for running it or making it successful. Each person is equipped with one or more skills and some other skills are learned on the way to set up the business. Every skill can come in handy along the way. Some of the skills that can prove beneficial include,

  • Communication skills are a necessity in daily life and especially for business as it allows you to have a productive conversation with clients. It helps in better communication of your thoughts and ideas towards your clients and assists in understanding the views of clients.
  • Financial knowledge helps in being self-sufficient for running a business. Every setup requires the expense of finances, and it can only be controlled by keeping a check on every deal or transaction. It frees you from hiring someone to do the job for you and relying on them for your finances.
  • Management is a key skill that can turn failure into success. It includes the management of the team, finances, workload, and every other detail. It helps in balancing your life to its maximum and helps in attaining sustainability.
  • Leadership quality is not practiced by every employer as it requires patience and practice to manage work with a team of employees and provide them an environment that boosts the process of working and getting results. Working on leadership skills can lead to a competent team of members that perform work with passion and contribute towards the success of the business.


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