Coffee Shop Business Proposal

It is stated that I, [Write NAME], have been associated with the food and authority department for 20 years. I joined my department as an assistant and due to my hard work and passion, I have been promoted to the rank of manager and lead a team of 5 members. Our department is mainly responsible for the provision of clean and cheap food at the canteens of an educational institution. Over the years, we have faced many disgusting situations which should not be anywhere near a cooking area. Many canteen owners have been arrested and sent to jail due to the poor quality of food.

A penalty is also charged on canteens with minimal faults, all this is done to teach them a lesson so that the same situation is never repeated. Our major focus is on the Riven road, almost 12 educational institutes are found on that road. We also survey students at the institutes about what they want related to food.

Many students gave the feedback that they want a place outside their institute for meeting friends from other institutes and enjoying coffee and snacks. This gave me the idea of setting up the coffee shop business on Riven road. My retirement is approaching soon and this project will keep me busy and I will still be associated with the welfare of students. This coffee joint will provide a place to sit, enjoy coffee, share notes and think about the future.

All the business related to food and drinks are approved by the XYZ department therefore, I am attaching a business proposal of my idea along with this letter. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


[Your Name]
Department of Food and Authority


Coffee shops are places that primarily serve coffee and other snack items to their customers. Coffee shops or cafes have gained much popularity as compared to fine restaurants because of the comfortable environment provided by a coffee shop. Moreover, these coffee places are highly popular among students of different age groups and they get together at such places for sharing their homework or talking about sports.

Students from different institutes find coffee joints as a place to meet each other and spend some quality time. These coffee shops are also preferred by people who want to read, write, or think peacefully without any interruption and enjoy themselves.

Different types of coffees are served at a coffee joint along with snacks and quick bites as people are always in a hurry. They also provide coffee to go in disposable cups for students and people who are in a hurry and cannot sit and enjoy. These joints never go out of business due to their easy and friendly environment, a wide range of menu that is liked by everyone and is easy on the pocket. Many coffee joints also showcase books from local authors to promote reading in students as well as for the publicity of the author. Such small gestures make these places memorable.


The process of establishing a business from scratch is a pretty difficult task but I will be accompanied by my daughter to make it through. List of objectives that are to be performed on priority include,

  • Renovation of the existing place to shape it in the form of a coffee joint.
  • Paints and colors added in a way that attracts customers.
  • Deciding name and policy for the workings of the shop
  • Purchasing furniture and other essentials to complete its decor.
  • Buying crockery and utensils for the kitchen
  • A finalizing menu that is not costly and is popular among students.
  • Hiring employees to work in the departments of management, cooking, serving, and cleaning.
  • Making commitments for a fresh batch of vegetables, coffee, and milk delivery

Keys to success

For every business to become successful, some key features are adopted. It is not easy to maintain that success as it takes longer working hours and dedication. Some of the key points that can be followed include,

  • Providing high-quality food to our customers. No compromise on the quality of food. Quantities will also be promising.
  • Valuing the feedback of customers regarding the workings of our shop
  • Providing cheap food because most of the customers will be students and they are not entitled to heavy pocket money.
  • All the staff members will be provided a friendly environment to minimize competition and jealousy among employees.
  • Staff interaction with customers will be polite and kind.


The menu of the shop will not only include different types of coffee but will also have other items that are liked by students and are not heavy on their pockets.

  1. Coffee
  • Mocha
  • Espresso
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  1. Tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Green tea
  1. Fast Food
  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Pizza
  • Nachos
  • Tortilla wraps
  1. Baked products
  • Pastries
  • Croissant
  • Cakes
  • Cookies


This coffee joint has the following significance,

  • It will be the only meet-up point for students, outside their institute.
  • Provide cost-effective items.
  • A new opening in town provides job opportunities for local people.
  • Provide an excellent venue for birthdays, welcome, and farewells.

Marketing strategies

The success of every business depends on the marketing strategies that are used to endorse the products. Just like manufacturing of the products, it is equally important to market the products so that people are aware of their uses. Some of the strategies that can be employed include,

  • Brochures: Brochures containing all information about coffee shops can be distributed among students by visiting institutes. They can also be pasted at different locations within the institute.
  • Social Media: Almost every student uses social media and therefore, different mediums such as Facebook, Instagram can be used to spread the word about coffee joint and ask students to give it a try as it is close to their institute.
  • Competitions: Different healthy competitions can be held among students to attract them towards the cafe


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