Children Educational Toys Business Proposal

It is stated that I am an employee of the welfare department for 18 years and have gained an immense reputation due to my services in the following department. Recently, I jumped on the bandwagon of business as my retirement is approaching rapidly and I would like to start some venture before my retirement so that it can keep me occupied. I have immense knowledge and experience of education and its relation in children of very young age.

I attended a semester in an international university which made me realize the presence of the right stuff before kids. Therefore, I wish to start a business of developing educational toys for kids. I also have a diploma in the following subject which will help further in this business. It is important to register the business plan in the XYZ department therefore, I have attached the complete business plan with the following letter. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Patrick Dempsey
Welfare Department
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Children are a gift of nature that keeps a person always on their toes. For 5 years, children are always in need of more toys as they get bored easily, so their toys have to be replaced continuously to keep them engaged. These toys help in the proper growth of children both physically and mentally.

Physically children run behind remote control cars and other moving objects due to their interests. Mentally, the growth of a child takes time as they learn to recognize faces around them and then later respond to their name. The development of a child’s brain is a continuous process and develops progressively until it is fully matured.

At different stages of childhood, children need different sort of assistance that results in good brain development and enhancement in their motor skills. Toys play an important role in the early days of growth when a child is learning to walk and talk.

Products will be designed by hiring specialists in the field of children’s health and mental growth. These specialists will provide insight about the likings of children along-with what is beneficial for them. How to attract kids to play with toys, use of colors, the anatomy of the product, batteries used by the toy. All this information will be used in designing a prototype and then finally make a product.


Toys of children are colorful so that they attract a child to play with them and learn something. Toys start from tether at the age of 5 or 6 months that helps kids to chew on tether as their teeth cause irritation while coming out of gums. Chewing on tethers helps them to cast away their irritation.

From the age of 8 months and older colorful cars, drums, and moving toys are used as they make sounds and kids enjoy those noises. Alphabet songs can be installed in toys that play when a child plays them.

From 1 year and older educational toys are used that improve coordination between mind and hand movements. It also increases the memory of the child while remembering names and numbers. Toys that will be manufactured include,

  • A wooden board with inscribed alphabets along-with separate 26 letters of different colors that need to be arranged on the wooden board in the inscribed space. This toy will provide children with all the alphabets and their shapes.
  • A bucket with different shapes of star, rectangle, square cut on its lid. Cut-outs of stars and other shapes will be in the bucket and kids will be asked to fill the shapes in the lid with a suitable object found in the bucket. Such toys enhance the skills of a child regarding shapes and how do they feel.
  • Touch and feel storybook that will carry shapes of all the objects related to 26 alphabets. All the shapes of objects could be felt by children and help them recognize an object.
  • Wooden cards displaying numbers along-with objects to teach children numbers.

All these toys will increase core skills in kids as they are fun to play with and their colors attract children to play with them often.

Key to success

Following some keynotes will help in establishing and success of this business,

  • Developing creative, fun, and colorful toys that keep children engaged and try again and again.
  • Manage prices to be affordable by average middle-class parents to increase the sale of products.
  • Learn to understand the needs of parents regarding children and act accordingly.


Following objectives would be carried out over the course of one year,

  • Deciding the name and policy of the business.
  • Designing prototypes for all the toys and conducting rigorous testing.
  • Approval of all prototypes from ABC department of Children’s welfare.
  • Using prototypes to make products in bulk and their marketing.
  • Employing various marketing strategies to increase product sales.
  • Generating a great revenue in the first year of working.
  • Obtain comments and feedback from parents regarding products.
  • Hiring a complete team to carry out all the hard work from design to distribution of the product.

Product Distribution

The product can be distributed through various methods with the goal of making it reach the public in good and affordable conditions. The distribution of a product is based on the size and material of the product. If a product is delicate in nature, the line of product passing is straight i.e., the product is transferred from one hand to another in bulk. Distribution of our products can be,

  • Individual: Providing products to parents of children or other relatives on-demand through an outlet or showroom.
  • Bulk: Products are purchased by distributors in bulk and sold at their own outlets in different cities. Due to distributors, products synthesized in one part of the world can reach different parts of the world and many children can be benefitted.


Children Educational Toys Business Proposal

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