Music Theater Proposal Template

It is stated that I have been associated with the music industry for 20 years. I am a permanent resident of Texas and love it very much. The love, warmth, and joy that this city provides are unmatchable as people living here are very kind and gifted. The public of Texas is born with different talents and makes their mark in the world due to the correct showcasing of their talent. Recently, I came across the idea of building a music theatre to provide a platform for all music lovers to perform and enjoy their music, to give voice to their ideas.

My service in the music department has been exceptional and I am fully equipped and experienced to make this business a successful venture. For this reason, I want to rent your vacant plaza to establish a grand music theatre. The plaza is already vacant and is serving as a white elephant due to its maintenance. Its location is attractive as it is surrounded by retail shops and five-star restaurants. It will be perfect for musical theatre as it will attract the public as well as foreigners who came for dining or shopping.

I have shaped a complete business proposal for my music theatre idea and attached the following letter. Kindly consider my proposal as it is best for the music and its lovers.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Patrick Dempsey
Musician & Businessman
Contact [X]


Music is widely known as the food of the soul as it conveys the message without uttering a single word. It is the language understandable by many but does not have any physical appearance. It travels to different parts of the world and is heard, appreciated by millions of people regardless of their age, language, or race. It has a different vibe to it which makes it unique from other art forms thus, making a home in each heart.

Creating the art of music is a very difficult task and all its artist are naturally talented. It is a God-gifted talent that can never be created by any human. Most of these artists remain unknown of their talent and die anonymously. Many artists find their hidden talent but still die anonymously as they do not reach a platform that allows them to showcase their art at a big forum.

For these reasons, I want to provide a platform to local people as well as foreigners to display their talent before the public and get acknowledged.  This music theatre will provide opportunities to artists who can sing, play any instrument, produce beats through their body, and any such talent so that they do not remain anonymous. It will provide a job opportunity to other people as the theatre will need a manager, administrator, and other such roles.


It is a difficult task to lay down the foundation of such a mega project as it requires much precision and experience. But I am determined to take on this task along with the help of my workmates from previous projects. They would like to join me in this venture financially as well as physically as they all are associated with music in different domains. Therefore, we have divided all major steps into the following doable objectives.

  • Deciding the name and policy of the music theatre.
  • Take part in the construction and running of this project from beginning to its working.
  • Purchasing all required items for the theatre.
  • Hiring other staff members such as administrators, receptionists, and cleaners.
  • Gather funds from all contributors and secure them in a bank locker.
  • Decide marketing strategies for spreading theatre news.
  • Finalize the application process for each participant.
  • Hiring for setting up a refreshments area in the theatre.
  • Giving a final shape to this idea and make it successful.


The building of theatre will be designed in a way that it includes,

  • A big hall with chairs for seating so that the public can sit and enjoy.
  • The mega stage for performance donned with bright lights that make the public invisible.
  • Room adjoining stage where artists prepare themselves for facing the audience.
  • Soundproof rehearsal room for artists so that they can rehearse without interruption.
  • Storeroom for keeping all instruments safely.
  • Restroom for instructors along-with a tearoom for their refreshments.


The idea of musical theatre will turn into a successful business due to following reasons,

  • It will provide an opportunity to neglected talent and appreciate them.
  • Family entertainment in a clean, affordable environment which would otherwise be not possible and people would have to travel to different cities.
  • The operation will make an exceptional profit and generate immediate cash.
  • It will generate revenue for the shareholders.
  • It will provide a theatre for private events so that people can enjoy themselves with their loved ones.
  • Conduct music sessions each day but special performances will be managed on weekends.
  • The renowned artist will be invited every month for a grand concert.
  • Music theatre will become a go-to place for everyone due to its amazing venue.
  • Providing a warm, good work environment to the working employees so that they can work with compassion.


Finances will be a lot of work during construction unless the business starts as everything needs to be purchased such as,

  • Contractors for construction
  • Paint
  • Utilities
  • Furniture
  • Instruments
  • Rent of the building.
  • Fees for staff

Marketing strategies

Different marketing strategies can be used for spreading the word, which might not be necessary due to its location and people will be aware of its existence before it can welcome them. Marketing is required to attract people for adjacent cities to visit and enjoy music,

  • Advertisements on television can reach different cities as well.
  • Social media advertising because all the youngsters are connected through social media.
  • Emailing local artists to tell them about this project and ask them to perform.
  • Using fliers at nearby restaurants and shops so that foreigners are also aware.

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Music Theater Proposal Template