Video Production Proposal Template for MS Word

It is a proposal that a person writes to sell his services when he deals with the work of video production, editing, and much more. Various Production companies usually kick-start every project by writing a video proposal. In simple words, to start a production work as a professional person or a team, a video production proposal is a must. Those who master the art of writing a proposal always win.

The film-making proposal can be important because of the following reasons:


It enables the professional person to demonstrate his past work:

Those who create videos and want to produce more videos for their clients have to prove that they have the ability to work in their field. For this, they are expected to prove that they are equipped with sufficient prowess to produce quality videos that can have an impact on the viewer.

No video producer is hired unless he shows past work. If a professional has done a marvelous job in the past and he thinks he deserves to be a part of the upcoming project, the proposal allows him to come forward and show his work. People who fail to get exposure avail this opportunity and succeed.

It gives details about the company:

If the proposal is being written on the behalf of an entire production company, the client might want to know about that company also. The information about the company lets the client know whether handing over the project to that company will be feasible for the client or not.

For instance, some clients may prefer to work with US-based production companies for some reason. If you think that your company is of such category that can be preferred by the client, this section of the proposal will help you persuade your client.

It includes the pricing of the project:

Every project has a cost that the client has to incur. Clients usually have a limited budget and therefore, costing is a major concern and the first element they look for in the proposal. You cannot be clear about the cost of the project unless you write a proposal and break down each and every item and chunk of the proposal’s cost.

Filming is an interactive job…

Film-making is a very interactive job that enables the filmmaker to show his talent and art through the videos he creates. Just like video creation, the proposal is also very interactive. Sometimes, people only make attractive proposals and win over their clients and customers. Below are a few details that must be added:

  1. The title page:

This is where you inform the recipient what the proposal is about and who has sent it. This page should be engaging and adding a lot of content on this page is not recommended at all.

  1. Table of content:

This page tells about each heading and subheading in the proposal and the page number where they are located.

  1. Executive summary:

This is the second part of the proposal that talks about the entire proposal. The executive summary is a depiction of the proposal but in a concise way. Some people read the summary and decide on whether they should proceed with reading the proposal or not.

  1. Background:

This is not a vital part of the proposal but it can significantly help you win over your customers if you manage to write it effectively. Here, you talk about how long you have been working in this field and what made you write the proposal.

  1. Plan of work:

Some people want to know-how as a service provider you are planning to work and deliver. So, you should give the entire action plan. A timeline of the work that will be delivered can also be provided

  1. References:

At the end of the proposal, the references of the sources from where you have taken the content should be given. This is an important part of the proposal that shows that you have a professional attitude and you are aware of work ethics.