Car Accessories Business Proposal Letter

A car accessories business proposal letter is a letter that is written by an individual or an organization that is considering initiating a business of accessories. It is addressed to the potential investor or a partner. In this letter, the organization explains its proposal and tries to woo the investor, so that he would put his money into the venture.

However, sometimes, this letter is also prepared for the government organizations and authorities, to seek approval of starting this business. Through this letter, the organization presents its proposal’s main idea, and sends it along with a comprehensive proposal, to convince the authority of the potentiality and feasibility of the car accessories business.

The car accessories business proposal letter is sent with the comprehensive proposal for many reasons, such as:

  • It adds a personalized touch, that makes the investor feel important.
  • The company can state its experience, expertise, and competitive edge in the letter, and hence, it works as an advertising tool for the company as well.
  • It provides the gist of the proposal to the addresser.
  • An individual or organization can market itself through this letter and convince the investor about the potential of the project.
  • By going through the letter, the investor can decide, if he is interested in the rest of the proposal or not.

The information included in this letter varies as per the circumstances. The general details, however, are the following:

  • Contact details of the investor, partner, government authority, etc.
  • Contact details of the individual or the organization seeking the investment.
  • The summary of the business proposal, including the main details, total investment, type of products, etc.
  • Benefits of the business.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Feasibility and chances of success.
  • Show hope of a positive reply.

If the investor gets interested in the project, they will look through the proposal, and if everything seems practical, he will give a positive response, and sign the deal. In the opposite scenario, he would refuse to make the investment.

It might mark an end to the correspondence between both parties in some cases, while in other scenarios, the organization may try to communicate and persuade the investor again, orally or in written form, to make another try to get the investment funds.

Sample Car Accessories Business Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Peter,

I am writing this letter to propose a promising potential for a car accessories business, that would yield you high rates of profits every year.

We have been dealing in the business of purchasing and selling cars as well as the business of repairing cars. We have experience of more than ten years and own one showroom and three workshops. We have noticed that there is a huge demand for car accessories, and the profit margin is high as well.

However, we lack the finances to invest further, which is why we are presenting you a detailed proposal, attached with this letter, that has all the relevant details for you to review and analyze.

The total investment required is $[X], and we will be offering both local and imported accessories. However, we will not manufacture the accessories, rather we will be the retailers of the ready-made ones. For any customized demands of the car accessories, we will outsource that to the local manufacturers.

If you need any more information, please feel free to contact us at [X]. We are waiting for your positive reply as well as starting this highly profitable business with you soon. Thank you.

Car Accessories Business Proposal Letter