Car Accessories Business Proposal

[X] is an automobile manufacturing company and has made its mark in the field of automotive for a long. I always had a passion for automobiles therefore, I studied automobile engineering and after completing my studies, I joined this company. [X] is a huge project and only their production team includes hundreds of employees.

Car manufacturing is not an easy task and requires thousands of employees to work tirelessly to bring one automobile into existence. This difficult task starts with the design and after the rejection of many designs, one design is finalized.

All the parts of the automobile are engineered and then assembled to provide the final look. In addition to manufacturing, the company also provides a showcase display of all their models in a showroom where these automobiles are available for purchase and can also be taken for test drives. People go crazy over the specifications of any automobile and want to buy it instantly.

After all these years in the field, I have gained enough experience and understand this field a little better now. I have decided to leave the manufacturing job and start a business in car accessories as this field has enormous scope and can also progress rapidly after it is fully established.


Car accessories are defined as the parts of the car that enhance its performance and make it more enjoyable. Every automotive has different features and is chosen based on these features by the buyers. These features can be further enhanced by accessories that make the experience more comfortable and likable.

These accessories are easily available, but the quality cannot be guaranteed as people also sell the poor quality the material. Therefore, it is important to know your dealer before making an expensive purchase. Nowadays, everybody tries to own a car to make the commute to the office or school easier than traveling by local transport.

Many people cannot afford their automobile so they either avail themselves of the loan facility from a bank or buy a preloaded car in installments. Whether using a brand new or a used vehicle, everyone tries to update it according to their liking and facility to make their ride easier.

Some of the excessively bought car accessories are mentioned below,

  • Jump Starter is an essential accessory, especially in the winter season. It is used to charge batteries after the engine freezes in the cold weather or batteries stop working. A jump starter helps in recharging batteries by providing current to the batteries.
  • A phone mount can also improve your driving experience as this device is used to hold the phone at the eye length of the driver. Using a phone mount makes it easier to navigate the map, attend phone calls and add reminders through voice notes.
  • The car toolset includes a variety of tools that can be used if the car broke down or does not start. These tools allow to open different containers and check the level of water and oil in the car.
  • Blindspot mirrors are used to navigate the presence of anyone in blind spots. Blind spots are the places that cannot be viewed through side mirrors as well as back view mirrors. The presence of anyone in blind spots can cause serious accidents therefore, blind spot mirrors are used.


The whole proposal can be divided into small steps that are mentioned below,

  • A place to provide a shopping experience to the customers by displaying car accessories.
  • Setting up an office space to deal with official matters personally.
  • Purchasing high-quality accessories from different markets and showcasing them at a single shop.
  • Hiring assistants to help customers and perform different chores around the store.


Hard work always pays off regardless of the field and the work being done. Success can only be achieved if we maintain our focus as every business have its pros and cons. Some of the advantages of the car accessories business are mentioned below,

  • The automobile industry is a forever growing industry as everyone strives to enjoy their own ride therefore, it will never be out of the league.
  • Every individual wants to maintain their automobile like they want to thus, car accessories will always be required for updating vehicles.
  • In addition to providing items at a store, I also want to take my business online and display all the items. The chosen items will be delivered to customers on-demand without leaving their own houses.


Progress of every plan requires a skill set that can handle the responsibilities and burdens accompanied by the business. Some below-mentioned skills, if acquired, can change the scenario of success

  • Dealing in a good way is the key to success as every business requires dealing and communication with clients therefore, these skills assist in understanding the point of view of customers. Moreover, it also allows you to explain your terms properly to the customers.
  • Managing everything before is not an easy task in the field of business as it gets difficult to manage every project, client, store, employee, utilities, and many other tasks. If acquired, managing skills can do wonders by providing a proper time for every project and entertaining every customer enthusiastically.
  • Getting employees on board and letting them perform their best is never easy as different employees working in one place can have conflict and do not give their best to the customers. It is the responsibility of the employer to manage employees and provide an amicable environment to work.


Car accessories business proposal template