Solar Power Project Proposal Template for Word

Cover Letter

It is respectfully stated that I have been working in the department of conservation of natural resources. In their department, we perform research to discover resources that provide a constant supply of renewable energy without affecting the natural atmosphere of this planet.

Major concerns related to the continual use of current resources are the gradual depletion of resources and harmful effects of the synthesis process. Therefore, the major focus is to sustain resources and provide alternative sources of energy. In addition, this department is also involved in making policies regarding the conservation of resources and impenetrable them to avoid severe depletion in near future.

Many methods and sources are analyzed and experimented with, with a few promising results to carry on to the next level. After spending decades in the research field and gaining huge experience in the practical scenario, I am up to a business venture that is related to my field of expertise.

I would like to launch a solar power plant that uses the natural energy of the sun and transform it into electricity and other forms of energy for human use. It is not only an efficient process, but it is cost-effective as well.

Operating cost is much less than other sources used for producing electricity. I seek your approval for this business venture, and I hope that the attached proposal for the solar plant will help you in making a decision in my favor.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


Chris Legend
Researcher at Natural Resources Conservation Department

Solar power project proposal letter

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Solar Power is the conversion of energy derived from sunlight into useable electricity. This conversion takes place either directly through photovoltaic cells or indirectly through a concentrated solar power system.

Photovoltaic cells use the photovoltaic effect for converting light into electric current whereas, a concentrated solar power system focuses sunlight in the form of a beam through lenses and mirrors to produce electricity. Photovoltaic panels are mounted on rooftops to gather maximum sunlight and provide more and more electrical power.

Production of electricity through other means is not only costly but also releases hazardous material into our environment, making it difficult to breathe. It leads to a number of chronic illnesses which are not curable at the moment.

Switching to solar power plants does not only use natural sunlight but is also a sustainable and cost-effective method of producing energy without affecting the environment.  Solar energy is non-polluting and renewable which, if becomes widely applicable, can reduce the carbon footprint without growing acres of trees and forests.

Plan of Action

Various steps are checked off for installing a solar panel at the home, office, or any commercial building as it takes many factors into account and continues with the installation. The steps followed for installation are given below,

  • It is necessary to analyze devices or activities causing maximum dissipation of energy because it allows to focus on the real issue and make it easier.
  • Use energy-conserving lights and appliances to protect your system for burdening.
  • Assess the area for installing solar panels as it is mandatory that the building receives sufficient sunlight to continue the process. Further, it also includes getting approval from owners, removing shaded trees and other stuff to make sure that enough sunlight is captured, and conditioning of roof to make sure that it can carry the burden of installation for a longer period.
  • Choose an appropriate solar plan related to the requirements of the building.
  • Continue with installation.


There are pros and cons of every technology which need to be considered before using it and making it available for public use. The significance of solar power plants can be deduced from the following points,

  • Solar energy is a non-pollutant, sustainable, renewable, and cost-effective method for producing electrical energy.
  • The installation cost of a solar plant is high but its operating and angling cost is average which proves to be a good investment.
  • Solar panel installation enhances the property value many times.
  • Once energy production becomes continuous, solar panel maintenance can be done through energy cost savings.
  • Protects the environment from harmful chemicals and saves millions of species both in water and on land.
  • Help in the conservation of natural resources by providing alternative methods of energy production.
Solar power project proposal template

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