Pottery Business Proposal

I work as a potter and have been working for 8 years. I developed an interest in pottery after I saw my grandfather and father do it since my birth. They have been doing this all their life and then transferred these skills in me. I wanted to take pottery to another level, so I left my native village and applied for different courses related to pottery in various institutions. After completion, I joined ABC store to further hone my skills and bring perfection into my work.

[ABC] store serves as a gift store that houses different articles which can be gifted to your families and friends. It includes some articles related to history, religion, art pieces, paintings, and other decorative materials. My job is to create the product according to the design given by the store. I am the only potter and sometimes, the workload can be very tiring.

Products are carved and designed while making whereas other tasks such as painting and embellishing them with ornaments are done later. Articles are then dried in the sun or in an oven at a specific temperature. After drying, they are displayed on the front shelf. Working for 8 years has polished my skills as I have created some masterpieces which received much appreciation from customers.

After all these years, I want to set up my own business of pottery to take my generational occupation to the next level and give it the recognition that it truly deserves. Kindly consider my request.


Potter at ABC Store


Pottery is the process of making vessels and other objects with clay or any other ceramic material. Final products are fried at high temperatures to give them a hard texture and make them durable. The process involves the forming of desired shapes using clay and then providing a high temperature of 600° – 1600° in a kiln or a pit and induces reactions leading to hardening of the clay due to permanent changes. These shapes can be decorated before or after hardening based on the decorative material and type of paint.

Pottery is the oldest human invention as it was used to make utensils and other objects of daily life due to the ease of making and drying under the sun. Earlier, all the utensils of cooking, serving, and eating were made from clay by forming different shapes. Later, with the addition of more ceramics, pottery was subjected to make decorative ornaments. It is not liked much liked by people for making utensils and various types of vases, pots, dishes, and trays are made from clay.

I developed an interest in pottery due to my father and grandfather as they have created masterpieces but did not receive desired recognition. They reside in a small village and earn enough to make both ends meet. They never displayed their work in any big cities because of their modesty. I decided to take this field to another level by making people realize how beautiful is the concept of pottery.

I would set up my store of pottery products only. There are not many individuals who would choose pottery as a profession, but I can try to spark some interest in people by conducting pottery classes at my place for people belonging to every age group. This step might initiate someone’s interest in this field. On addition, I would also make an online store to display my products so that it is seen by millions. Orders can be made online, and products will be dispatched to them.


To lay the foundation of a business is a very difficult task as it requires determination, precision, and finances. This task can only be achieved by dividing it into small, manageable objectives which are mentioned below,

  • Renting a suitable place for setting up the business and start the work.
  • Renovation of the place to give it an outlook of the store, the addition of shelves to display articles.
  • Setting up a manufacturing room, big enough to house 10 students at a time. This space will be used for making and teaching pottery.
  • Purchasing high-quality tools and other necessary items for work.
  • Buying furniture and other decorations to set up space and give it a nice look.
  • Build an online profile and maintain it to help in the growth of the overall business.
  • Look for other potters as well to expand the business.
  • Hiring staff for cleaning, delivering of the orders
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.


To set up your own business can be hard but it comes with its own benefits which can never be taken for granted. These significant benefits include,

  • Provide a free space for creativity as it does not follow any design and create what is going on in the mind.
  • Helps in the expansion of the business as the store only houses pottery articles and gives customers a large variety.
  • Helps in managing different tasks, bills, and other people and contributes to multitasking.
  • Conducting classes for people of different age groups can create a love for pottery in them.
  • It can also keep children busy and keeps them engaged in productive activity.
  • An online business can be a great factor in increasing the revenue as the products are viewed by the masses, ordered online, and delivered at doorsteps.

Marketing strategies

Following marketing strategies can be very useful for marketing these products,

  • Posting brochures with all necessary information at different places to gain attention.
  • Using social media to update articles and products because social media is used by millions and can greatly generate revenue.


Pottery Business Proposal Template