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Max Shepherd
Director XYZ company
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Date: 28 February 20XX

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Operations Department of XYZ company. I am a very vigilant employee of XYZ company for the last 8 years. I am also the manager of the Operations Department and have a team of 10 members working sincerely to take part in the progress of the company. I am writing to you to draw your attention to one of the most phenomenal works of technology that has not only eased the lives of people but also contribute profoundly to the economy of the country.

Internet is a product of technology and has already become a part of every life due to its ease and feasibility. At XYZ, we have been using orthodox methods to complete our operations and other office-related tasks such as conducting meetings in-house as well as in different cities or countries, arranging campaigns, conducting seminars, and other marketing activities. All these tasks can be made quick, easy, and cost-effective using the internet.

All my team members and I gathered information regarding the business of online booking and shaped it in the form of a proposal for you. It will be a great leap for our company to start such a venture. Not only it will be a profitable business for you, but it will be much easier to perform tasks and the overall burden on employees can be reduced significantly. Kindly take my proposal into consideration as it is for the betterment of our company. If you like to discuss it further, a meeting with my department can be arranged and a complete outline of the pros and cons can be drawn.

Eagerly waiting for your kind response.


Eric Dane
Manager of Operations department
Contact +1[X]


Businesses are becoming much easier and faster as they have incorporated technology and facilitated masses to perform without any hurdles. Quick services and products of business are due to the use of the internet that makes it feasible to procure. Almost all major or small businesses in the world have become online and entertained millions of customers daily. Outlets of business have been reduced as people are running their business on social media and all dealing occurs without any physical contact. More options, as well as products, are available for the customers that have made the online business a hit.

An online booking business is a software or a platform that manages reservations for business services. Along with keeping records, it also accepts online payments from customers.

Online booking is done for all kinds of business either products of multinational companies or a small business runs by females in their home. Some of the examples include,

  • Hotel reservation
  • Restaurants dine-in
  • Beauty salon
  • Hair & skincare parlor
  • Traveling tickets
  • Food & beverage
  • Arts & craft
  • House searching

All the important reservations can be made through online booking.


Online booking is important due to various reasons such as,

  • It is simpler as compared to picking up the phone.
  • All the options can be provided online and save the trouble of telling customers each time.
  • All features of business can be presented to the customer before they decide.
  • Reservations can be accepted around the clock without any physical presence.
  • Systems can be operated to send automated emails and texts to facilitate customers.
  • The reach of the internet is phenomenal and can attract customers living miles away.
  • Instant feedback from customers provides insight into the business and its flaws.
  • Reporting features indicate the products of business liked by the customers.


A variety of features can be given to the customers, but it basically depends upon the services provided by the business. Some of the features include:

  • For a smoother booking experience for the customer, keep your own branding on the system such as the name of the company or its logo. Two company names can be confusing.
  • Provide a ‘book here’ option on the business page as it assists customers regarding the booking of services. Otherwise, customers search entire websites in search of the booking button.
  • After bookings are done by customers, it is important to send an automated email to the customer regarding reservations and being thankful. This step confirms the booking and includes its details.
  • Most booking websites have chat options, which upon pressing, pop up a dialogue box. Customer can tell their issues related to services and get a reply from the company. Such responses are usually automated but can also be responded to by the customer care unit of the company.
  • Reporting feature draws a clear image of analytics and stat of the business in real-time and saves paperwork.
  • Booking through social media is one of the best features as people use social media more than visiting any website and making bookings. Therefore, all online booking should also be accepted through social media.
  • One of the convenient features of online booking is its sync with the google calendar of customers thus reminding them about their booking at regular intervals. It also keeps the company updated about reservations.
  • Easy-to-access customer support is important for every business venture that gets booking round the clock. It helps the customers in understanding the policies of the company, and they feel free to make bookings.

Setting up an online booking business will not only generate revenue but will also help in bookings related to ventures of our XYZ company. All the bookings of hotels, restaurants, clubs, traveling and others can be done prior to our visit. This relieves the headache of making reservations while waiting in line and being frustrated.

A new setup would require setting up a complete website and will also provide job opportunities and a new department would be established to take care of new business. This department can be arranged in our company as many spaces are unaccounted for. I hope you will consider my proposal as it is for the betterment of our company and a step to make XYZ enter the digital world.

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