Gospel Music Concert Proposal for Word

Cover letter

It is humbly stated that I, [X], have been associated with the field of event organization for 4 years. I have been associated with many major business groups and learned the art of organizing events over a long period. I have recently started my own business and provide services to the public along with a competent team of employees.

Organizing events is not a new topic as it has been done for long and people have faith in organizers to take care of every matter while they can enjoy the event. During my period of struggle, I made connections with many people associated with the same field and tried to do better towards all kinds of people.

Among many people whom I met, many enjoy Gospel music but are disappointed in the fact that nobody organizes events and concerts so that they can enjoy in a public gathering.

I have always wanted to put forward a proposal to the music department to grant permission for such events within our community. Many bands perform all around the world for people and can be invited to our area.

I have already designed a proposal to organize the event. Kindly consider my request as it will be a good change brought in the society.

Anxiously waiting for your response.

Sample Template


Gospel means good news; it spreads a message of good news throughout communities. Gospel music is a genre of Christian music and has religious as well as sentimental value.

Creation, composition, and the significance of gospel music change along with culture and social context. Gospel music is created and performed for various reasons i.e., entertainment for public, religious, or ceremonial purposes and aesthetic pleasures.

The origin of Gospel music can be traced back to as early as the 17th century. It has a deeper meaning than used for recreational purposes as it was the major motivating force for a race. It is considered a symbol of joy and hope as it helped African- American slaves to face daily challenges and remain hopeful for better days. It sends the message of the Christianity of God.

Gospel music originated in the churches of African Americans as music is important in every aspect of life. It is a significant driving force that helps in communicating expressions, hope, dreams, and suffering. Thus, among all different types of music, churches decide to have their own, known as Gospel music.

Music is a way of improving the lives of people and having a spiritual connection as well can become a major source of motivation and hope. Gospel music concerts are organized by authorities for various purposes and are significantly different from other genres of music and can be enjoyed by people having a sense of Gospel music.


Music concerts are attended by hundreds of people to enjoy their favorite bands playing their favorite music and hyping up the whole situation.

Gospel music concerts are organized to gather people with similar likes to come forward and enjoy themselves. Gospel music concerts are not as popular as other rock or Sufi concerts because many people do not understand the concept and message behind the gospel. Organizing these concerts will provide positive feedback to the community to organize events for people with slightly different tastes.


Every event has its pros and cons which are weighed down before to avoid unwanted stress and provide quality time. The significance of the concert can highlight by the following points,

  • Music provides a way of gathering people and letting them enjoy a stress-free time to tackle the situations of life later.
  • Gospel music concerts will bring like-minded people together and allow them to open up to each other.
  • It will help the community in repairing the importance of such events for their neighboring fellows.
  • People appreciating a different genre of music can openly admit and enjoy it.
  • The message of spirituality transcends better with the help of music.
  • It helps the world know about the sufferings and challenges people had to face before civilization.


The event will be organized methodically just as all other events are organized. It will include the following steps,

  1. Arranging a meeting of employees to gain knowledge of people through social media, interested in Gospel music and would like to join the concert.
  2. Pick out a suitable place for the concert which is open-air and can host a large number of people.
  3. Plan out the theme for the event and hire a band to perform at the event.
  4. Design tickets and provide them online as well as at different locations to save people from any trouble of getting them online.
  5. Pick out the hosts and other organizers for handling stage, decor, and other important tasks
  6. Raise funds for the venture through social media and by contacting people to support the good cause.
  7. Different sponsors can be contacted for sponsorship of the event.
  8. Marketing of the concert through social media marketing and other means i.e., TV ads, public advertisements, billboards, etc. so that more and more people are aware of the event.
  9. HI ring security to help in managing the crowd and save from an unwanted incident.