Advertising Agency Proposal to Client

If you are an advertising company, then you may need to have a formal document for new advertising campaign proposals as well as packages.

What is an Advertisement Proposal?

An advertisement proposal is a document that sets out some advertising agency’s recommendations specifically for an advertising campaign. This proposal may actually be a response to some brief from a present client or some pitch so as to win a campaign present against other competing agencies.

How to Write an Advertisement Proposal?

If you need an advertisement proposal then you may be wondering how to write this. You can consider the below points:

Prepare– You should prepare the proposal. This can be done by reviewing your client’s brief in a careful way. Carry out research so as to develop your understanding of the particular client’s markets, products as well as challenges. You can develop the strategy required for the campaign. Assess the strengths as well as weaknesses of the proposal before you put this on paper. You can allow your agency’s media, marketing plus creative specialists to be involved in developing the proposal.

The Objective– You can restate the client’s objectives present for the advertising campaign so as to confirm the understanding that you have of the brief. Your agency’s objectives should be set out in measurable terms. They should aim to give results that exceed your client’s objectives.

Define the Audience– Over here you can outline your understanding that you have of the target audience along with its awareness of the specific client’s product. Give a reference to any present audience research. You can describe the characteristics that the target audience has like age, sex, location, income as well as occupation. State any vital segments of the audience which the campaign should target. Tell the media which you will employ to communicate with your target audience. Give the audience research data so as to explain the media strategy you have given the most cost-effective type of coverage present of the target audience.

Your Creative Strategy– You should set out the creative strategy that you have. Have examples of proposed advertisements moreover explain why these can get impact within the media that you have selected. Give a list of the important messages and tell why these messages are relevant to your target audience. Tell the actions that you wish the target audience to pursue in response to your campaign, like visiting a website, requesting more information, or contacting some call center.

Have a Budget– Give the client a budget that will be for the campaign.


An advertising proposal template has the below advantages:

  • It allows an advertising agency to set out its recommendations for some advertising campaign.
  • Clients can use this to figure out if the recommendations actually meet the requirements, particularly of the brief.

An advertisement proposal template can be used to make a clear advertisement proposal that shows what the advertising agency wants for some advertising campaign. This proposal needs to appeal clearly to the target’s business.

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