Home Remodeling Proposal Template

What is a home remodeling proposal?

A home remodeling proposal is a document that is prepared by an individual contractor or a company providing contracting or remodeling services to woo a client and win a deal. There are many people seeking the services of a contractor who can remodel, renovate and improve their homes (partly or completely) for them. For this, many contractors approach such clients with their proposals, and the one offering the best services at minimum cost gets selected for the project.

Depending on the portions of the home that needs to be remodeled, the proposal is prepared accordingly. For instance, if a proposal is being prepared for the remodeling of washrooms only, it would include lesser details than if the complete home has to be remodeled and renovated.

Usually, a typical home remodeling proposal contains the following information:

  • Executive summary.
  • Introduction to the contractor/company profile.
  • Details of the offered services, including any add-on or special services.
  • Limitations or expected/probable issues.
  • Costs and charges.
  • Include effects of inflation, etc., on costs and prices.
  • Required duration, including starting and ending dates. Include slack time and expected delays as well.
  • Promotional arguments.
  • Competitive edge.
  • Advantages for the client.
  • Terms and conditions.

Using this proposal as a marketing tool, the contractor can convince the client that he is the best option to opt for in terms of the client’s home remodeling. However, the proposal needs to be prepared with thoroughness and any potential costs should be mentioned. Otherwise, after signing the contract, the client might refuse to pay any extra expenses.

Sample Proposal Template

It is respectfully stated that I have been associated with XYZ company for four years. XYZ is a contractor company that takes up different contracts such as construction, interior designing, house remodeling, and others. It has hired hundreds of employees, who are divided into different departments and perform assigned tasks. The company can take more than one task simultaneously due to its hard-working team.

Over the years, I have been working with the department of remodeling and have experienced amazing transformations from low budget to high-end budget. This field never fails to surprise me as the trends are continuously changing and provide new aesthetics to the eyes. After graduation, I joined this company to hone my skills so that I can start my own venture one day and do wonders in the field.

I have always wanted to start my own business of house remodeling and excel in it. Over my time at the company, I have gained immense knowledge and have also learned ways around people and things as nothing is impossible to overcome. I seek permission from the ABC department to set up my business and start my work as I am already looking forward to a few projects.

I have devised a proposal for the remodeling of my ancestral home and attached it with the following letter. It will show you my interest and my work to make the permission easy for you.


Home remodeling or home improvement is described as the upgrade or improvement of a home by the addition of various components which is for making it more comfortable and likable. These additions can be done to the interior or exterior of the property. Some homes require remodeling because they are too old and do not comply with homes of the modern era.

In addition, ancient or old homes are not technology-friendly, and the addition of wires and gadgets disrupts the outlook of the home. Therefore, homes are remodeled to keep them intact as well as presentable.

Modifications can be of various types. Some modifications are done to enhance the comfort level of the home while others make it more living worthy. Completely changing interior or furniture adds a new life to the existing home. Some of the modifications are mentioned below:

  • Maintenance and repair of the home include changing painting of rooms, adding wallpaper, repairing any leaks and nooks in the water and electrical system.
  • Additional space in the already existing homes can be added by adding another story with rooms and lounge or by transforming basements or lounge areas into kids’ rooms, nurseries, or theatre rooms with attach baths.
  • Homes can be upgraded in terms of making them safe from various disasters either natural or man-made. These remodeling projects include the installation of CCTV cameras, fire alarms, fire sprinkler systems, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and others.
  • Houses are also updated to make them more comfortable for living i.e., the inclusion of technology. These modifications include the addition of Google devices that are active on voice command, electrical stairs, etc.

The project that I chose for my first venture is the remodeling of my ancestral home that has been closed for a decade and is in bad shape. I have never lived in the following house, but it belongs to my family therefore, it is special. It requires a lot of hard work and the modifications needed are as follows:

  • Cleaning the gardens and nearby area which is covered in mulch and have foul-smelling
  • Updating swimming pool as it is broken from many parts and is covered in algae as it has not been taken care of in long
  • All the bathrooms of the home require a change in sanitary appliances and upgrade of sanitation system as it is clogged with garbage.
  • Rooms are old and the paint is wearing off, so it requires a splash of vibrant colors and a change of window grills as they all are rusty
  • Stairs are carpeted with a very old pattern and are full of dust which needs immediate attention
  • Kitchen cabinets are loose or broken and require the fresh application of paint
  • The garage floor is carpeted with mud and can only be cleaned through power washing
  • The ventilation system is old and requires an upgrade to make the place airier and more liveable
  • Drainage and water systems are all worn out due to lack of maintaining and need an immediate replacement
  • The lounge on the ground floor needs to be broken down along with rooms to make it a spacious area for conducting parties and celebrations
  • Outer brick structure needs to be cleaned through pressure washing and addition of few plants can add grace

All the above-mentioned tasks can only be completed with the help of a hard-working team that can take the task personally and delivers accordingly.


Viewing the building and thinking about modifications and the final image is a great feeling but to reach the destination is not easy as it requires the completion of the following vital objectives:

  • Renting a place for setting up a system and a warehouse for stocking tools and other equipment
  • Hiring eligible and experienced individuals to make up the team
  • Purchasing high-quality chemicals for cleaning and equipment for the remodeling purposes
  • Hiring staff to take on the tasks of team management, administration, and other important responsibilities such as payment of every employee, keeping a record of employee presence, following the work of every employee, managing inventory, allotting allowance, and more.
  • Using effective marketing strategies to spread the word

Keys to success

The success of every business lies in the hard work of its team. There are no shortcuts to success and can only be achieved through determination. Some of the tips to success are mentioned below:

  • Do not make promises to the client that are hard to fulfill
  • Use high-quality material to avoid embarrassing situations


Home remodeling proposal