Bicycle Manufacturer Business Proposal

It is stated that I am a resident of Texas and have been associated with the business of bicycle purchasing and selling through my outlets found in different states of the USA. Due to my business, I have always been in touch with manufacturers and the whole process intrigued me to start up my business in the manufacturing lane.

A bicycle is an object that has gained immense popularity across the globe due to its easy handling, machinery, and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to lay the foundation of another industry for manufacturing bicycles. I have to take permission from the government so that they are aware of my ideas and opinions.

I have designed a complete business plan for the manufacturing plant and shaped it in the form of a proposal. Kindly find the attached proposal along-with this letter and consider the idea as it is for the betterment of the economy.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Eric Dane
54/8 Texas, Houston
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A bicycle is a human-powered, pedal-driven vehicle with two wheels following each other. It has a saddle-like seat. They are the most popular and easily available mode of transportation in any part of the world. They have gained immense popularity due to their no fuel consumption which makes it much lighter on the pocket and easily accessible. They are being manufactured since very long ago and even now are not going anywhere. Even today they are used by millions of people as a commute to their workplaces. With the passage of time, various variations occur in the appearance and overall mechanics, but the comfort and easiness provided by a bike remain unchanged.

For the rich, it is a symbolic statement as they often go for biking as an exercise whereas, it is the only mode of transportation for the poor other than mass transportation. These bikes have become more sleek, lightweight, and eye-catching over the period based on the demands of people.

Their journey starts from the very young age of 2 or 3 years old as a tricycle when a kid is learning about the art of a bike. Moving forward, only two-wheelers are used by almost every young boy or girl. It is generally considered as a sign of growing up as it causes up-gradation from 3 wheels to 2 wheels.

In 2015, the global market of bicycles ranked at US$ 45 billion which is expected to further increase to US$ 62 billion by 2024.


Building a fully functional and fully equipped industry from scratch is a quite difficult task. Being a businessman, I am not much aware of the machinery, components, or any other feature about product formation but, I am capable of learning and investing towards the betterment of the economy.

  • Choose a suitable location within Texas for the building industry, as the location should be strong enough to endure any climate change.
  • Contracting an architecture and contractor for construction.
  • Purchasing machinery from the USA and other countries.
  • Buying raw materials to make components of bicycle and later its assembly.
  • Hiring management to work and overlook all the processes.
  • Manufacturing, selling, and exporting bicycles.


There are many advantages of preferring a bike over any other vehicle due to following reasons,

  • No burning of fossil fuels as it uses human strength to move.
  • An effective form of exercise, also known as the substitute for cardio.
  • Easy to buy as it is very cost-effective.
  • Easy to maintain as it does not need services from any workshop.
  • Slim models use very little space as compared to other petrol-chugging monsters of automobiles.
  • Sustainable mode of transportation.
  • They are used for courier, military, police, bike racing, toys for kids, and for the commute.

Key to success

There will be many hurdles in building a bicycle industry, but success can be achieved through the following,

  • Always keep commitments made to vendors as well as customers.
  • Use high-end raw materials to increase the usage of products.
  • Keep a strict hold on financials.
  • Engineer products that are according to the likings of customers.

Market Distribution

Selling of the product will be distributed in two groups,

  1. Individual

Bicycles will be sold at my outlets in different states to the individuals. Purchase of a bicycle can also be made through our official website and online payments are accepted. The online process avoids physical interaction among people and provides more options as all the models of a product cannot be displayed in the showroom. Due to pandemic situations, online shopping is the preferred method by the public.

  1. Distributors

Distributor serves as a middleman between production and its use. Distributors purchase a bulk of products and sell them to different retailers in different cities. These retailers then sell bikes to individual customers. Due to distributors, bicycles are more available in different parts of the world.

Marketing strategies

Good marketing of the products increases their value and leads to more purchases. Deciding on good marketing strategies is more important than the product itself as it is a public choice to be intrigued by the promotion and buy the product. Different strategies can be employed for best outcomes,

  1. Email

Emails are the most professional method of marketing as they are personalized and convey messages with the use of few words.

  1. Social Media

Bicycles are mostly used by youngsters for going to school, grocery, visiting a friend, or having a bike race so it is important that they are aware of the latest bicycle models and their advertisements. All youngsters can be reached using social media such as Facebook, Instagram because all young people are socially very active.

  1. Advertisements

Spreading the word through advertisements on television or in newspapers is also a very strong marketing strategy as the work reaches the parents and they are always interested in gifting their kid a new bicycle.


Financials are the most worrisome category while building something as everything is purchased through money.

Some of the activities that require money include:

  • Buying or renting land.
  • Machinery purchasing.
  • Cost of labor.
  • Fees of management or administration staff.
  • Payments for raw materials.
  • Cost on shipment.


Bicycle Manufacturer Business Proposal

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