Tender Proposal Letter Template for Word

A tender proposal is a document that is used to request a proposal in order to describe the response of a supplier. Basically, there are three main components of a tender proposal:

  1. The complete introduction and overview of the company writing the proposal
  2. Pricing
  3. Details about the different specifications described by the client.

Although there is no specific format to be followed while writing a tender proposal, there are some requirements for writing the tender proposal.

It is also stated in the proposal that if the response will be submitted after the due date mentioned in the proposal, the client has a complete right to reject the response. Some firms also sign a legal contract with the contractors and then that legal document allows the firm to take legal action against those firms that don’t submit the response on time.

What is the format of a tender proposal?

A professionally written tender proposal is divided into three main sections which are:

Introduction to the company:

Every client is interested in getting information about the company that submits the proposal. The information which is included in the tender proposal is mainly the background information of the company and successful projects of the company.

The company writing the tender proposal also tells the reader how it is capable of meeting the demands of its clients. This overview enables the client to know about the company which makes it easier for him to make a decision.

Response section:

The response section is considered the most important part of the proposal as it is capable of getting the most of the attention of the client if written effectively. The response section should be written with great care. It should focus on how the company can meet the requirements of the client.

Many companies make a comparison between different aspects that make it easier for the client to decide whether to accept the proposal or not. The additional documents that are needed in the response should be attached to the proposal. Some organizations also include a presentation that makes the client know realize how much effort they have put in.

Price section:

Many people include the price details anywhere within the proposal. However, it is recommended to make a separate section including details about the price. If there are multiple pricing options, you should tell about each of them. While writing this section, make sure that you are very clear about the details you are giving.

Apart from these three sections, you should mention the terms and conditions with which the client will have to agree in order to accept the proposal. The terms and conditions may include the scheduling of work, terms of payment, timeline, and some other issues. You can also invite the client for negotiation.

The following templates will help you draft a good proposal for you.