Recruitment Proposal Letter

A recruitment process is key to opening new endeavors and finding the most suitable candidates for the progress of a company. A recruitment process is a laborious and time-consuming task.

A recruitment proposal letter makes it quite convenient for the candidates to apply for the relevant position according to their qualifications and experience. Business firms and their partner recruitment agencies usually publish their recruitment proposal letters to provide the eligible candidates with a complete description of the job position and working environment of their company.

Recruitment proposal letters are essential for encouraging the understanding between the candidates and the recruitment agency (business company). Business companies all over the world have separate departments or partner companies to deal with the recruitment procedures.

The main theme of a recruitment proposal letter is to provide the upper management of the company with complete information about the recruitment procedure and the sender provides suggestions to improvise the recruitment procedure.

After approval from upper management, the proposal letter can be easily published on electronic or print media to publicize the recruitment campaign of the company.

There are a lot of reasons for writing a recruitment proposal letter but one of the major causes is that the person who is writing the proposal letter wants to show his concerns about the recruitment procedure of the organization. He wants to improvise the overall situation and cover up the loopholes in the overall process.

Sometimes, the recruitment proposal letters are written from the other recruitment agencies to join hands with the business company and to assist in the recruitment procedure as a business partner. The recruitment agencies or sister companies have complete background information about the company`s profile, its services, and the working environment of the company and then they show their response to improve the recruitment procedure for the attainment of the best outcomes in less time.

The letter has…

  • Brief introduction of the company.
  • Company`s business profile.
  • Services offered by the company.
  • Skills, experience, and overall working environment.
  • Unique aspects.
  • Benefits to having joint venture or partnership advantages.
  • A huge list of skillful and qualified professional candidates suitable for the job vacancies of the business company.
  • Financial details of the recruitment campaign.
  • A complete description of terms and conditions.

Sample letter:

Name of Contact Person
Job Position of the concerned person
Company`s name
City, State, Zip Code


Subject: Proposal regarding the recruitment procedure of the company

Respected Mr./Ms. ABC,


I am Ms. [XYZ] and I am currently working as recruitment manager at (Company`s name). Our company has been working with your prestigious company for two years. I am writing this letter to discuss the loopholes in the current recruitment procedure and modes of advertisement previously used by your prestigious organization. In this letter, I present a proposal to improvise the recruitment situation of the company.

The observations I have made in this regard are as follows:

  • The job description and skills requirement which is advertised by the company in print and electronic media seems to be vague and confusing for the candidates. There is surely a need to make a more precise, well-defined, and specified job notification advertisement.
  • The other problem which is reported by the candidates is that after interview procedures are done. Companies do not respond immediately to the candidates and they have to wait so long to know about their selection status.
  • The vague interpretation of skills and qualifications by the organization results in the wastage of time and resources of candidates as well as the management of the company.

These issues seem to be small ones but they have major impacts on the overall progression and success of the recruitment procedure. I hope after overcoming all these problems the reach of the organization will improve to attract the more capable prospects for the vacancy listings. I hope that suggestions made will be considered by the organization.

The necessary documents containing the introduction, terms and conditions, goals, and objectives of our business firm are stipulated with this proposal. In case of any query feel free to contact me on the given number and email id.

Thank you so much for your precious time and patience.


Company`s name
Your name
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Recruitment Proposal Letter