Proposal Letter for Conducting Training Program

A proposal letter for conducting a training program is a letter, which is written by an HR manager and is addressed to the CEO or an employer of the organization. In this letter, the HR manager explains the training program, that his team has designed, and tries to woo the employer by highlighting the need for the training program as well as by using various justifications and convincing arguments.

A proposal letter, usually attached with a detailed proposal, is a summary of the main proposal of the training program. It is used as a communication tool, through which the HR manager can explain the program better as well as convince the employer for letting him conduct the training.

When this letter is written, the HR representative can include different details as per the:

  • Company policies.
  • Need of the training.
  • Design and details of the training program.
  • Credentials of the trainer.
  • Advantages of the training, etc.

However, generally, a template of a proposal letter for conducting a training program includes the following information:

  • Date.
  • Details of the CEO or boss.
  • Details of the HR Manager.
  • The description of the training program, including costs, duration, venue, etc.
  • Need of the training.
  • The reason behind the training program.
  • The credentials of the trainer.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Convincing arguments.
  • Benefits to the company.
  • Seek approval.

The CEO analyzes this letter as well as the detailed proposal to scrutinize if the benefits of the training program outweigh the costs. If they do, he might approve the proposal, and allow the HR department to conduct the training. However, if the amount to be invested is quite high, and the company does not have sufficient funds for this purpose, the employer might reject the proposal temporarily or permanently.

Sample Proposal Letter for Conducting Training Program

I am writing this letter to propose to you a training program, that I have designed for our sales department employees.

Mr. Josh Watson, a well-known name in the industry, is visiting ABC city on 5th July 2040. He is an expert in his work and has conducted several successful sales and marketing training and consultations. I am attaching Mr. Watson’s credentials with this letter.

I have been in constant touch with his assistant to book training for our company for many months, and now I have been able to obtain his three-day appointment for 10th July 2030-12th July 2030. The total training cost will be $[COST]. Our sales department has 15 employees, who can receive the four hours training for three days. The training would be conducted on the office premises to minimize the costs. The detailed proposal for the training is attached with this letter.

I am certain that, after this training, our employees would not only gain extra skills, but our sales figures would drastically increase as well. Recently, our competitors’ sales have been higher than ours, and I believe that one of the reasons behind this is their constant training programs for their employees. In addition, the sales season is also approaching, and this training would let us grab a higher share of the sales, due to the higher level of skills of our employees.

I am seeking your approval so that I can finalize the training arrangements with Mr. Watson’s assistant soon, as I think this opportunity should not be missed.

Looking forward to your reply. Please, contact me at [C] for any questions.

Thank you.


Proposal Letter for Conducting Training Program