NGO Project Proposal on Education

[X] is an NGO that has been working for the betterment of underprivileged families for 8 years. I serve in the capacity of manager and work on different projects as I have been an executive member since the beginning.

We worked hard to achieve goals related to the welfare of people and collected funds from different places. We campaigned a lot and now have a stable donation incoming through different sources.

During the pandemic hit, it was difficult to keep the funds afloat and help people in need because there were hundreds of families that need basic food to keep them alive. All the members of the NGO worked hard to make ration bags and distributed more than 1500 bags/month. It was an unexpected disaster that prolonged for more than a year and is still very prevalent, but the conditions are very much in control.

Pandemics hit all the aspects of human lives i.e., nutrition, health, education, jobs, and others. The situation has never been too normal even after a year and more therefore, NGOs are still very active and trying to tackle all the issues related.

One of the biggest issues faced due to pandemics is the education system. It has suffered badly and has collapsed horribly. Due to lockdown, all students were provided online classes to continue their studies, but it was not as efficient, and as a result, children failed miserably. NGO has devised a proposal to resume education for needy children which can prove to be effective.


Education is one of the pillars on which the foundation of a country is laid. It plays a huge role in the development of a country and increases its status in the economic ranks of a country. It is a basic right of every citizen to acquire basic education for earning a decent livelihood as well as also contribute to the welfare of the country.

Every developed country allocates a good sum of the country’s funds to educate the underprivileged children so that no child is devoid of education. In addition, education also improves the quality of life and opens new horizons. It sharpens the intelligent brain and takes part in advancing technology.

Due to the severity of the lockdown, families suffered a lot and lacked basic groceries for their meals. People stopped the studies of their children because of online classes and parents couldn’t afford computers and Internet connections. These situations forced them to send their kids for petty tasks and earn money.

The rate of child labor increased with the ease of lockdown as all the members of the family struggled to make both ends meet. ABC took charge of the situation and tried to nip the evil in the bud. It presented many reforms that specially focuses on education for every child and the eradication of child labor.

NGO’s Goals

Major goals of NGOs related to education are mentioned below,

  • Spreading awareness among parents regarding the importance of education
  • Formatting brochures to increase the marketing of education among underprivileged people
  • Helping in enhancing the quality of education in school by editing the regular curriculum
  • Increase the interest in education among children by making it more enjoyable and understandable
  • Revising the fee structure of schools to facilitate poor people and motivate them to enroll their kids
  • Build the skills of learning, understanding, and making choices to help them make decisions and think rationally
  • Provide help to children in making friends


To present a proposal about a specific department has its consequences as it suffers a severe backlash from the education department of government. To set up a complete department include the following tasks,

  • Setting up a complete budget for the education department
  • Allocating members of the NGO to identify the root causes of parents avoiding sending their children to school
  • Making rounds at public places and other venues to confront people involved in child labor
  • Providing incentives to children for enrolment in schools and get themselves educated
  • Allocating funds to facilitate children with cash prizes on the distinction
  • Providing counseling to parents regarding their queries
  • Making brochures to motivate people to donate to the right cause


There are pros and cons to everything, but some things are more beneficial than harmful such as education. It is more important to have knowledge rather than learn a skill, both can work for any person, but knowledge provides you with a safe and secure future. The significance of education is highlighted in the below-mentioned points,

  • Based on the education of young citizens, the literary rank of a country is decided
  • The education of citizens is directly associated with the developing status of the country
  • It is a necessity that is the right of every citizen regardless of their economic status
  • Prevalence of education also contributes to the advent of the latest technology
  • It contributes to the work of science and technology in the area
  • Promoting education improves its quality and allows students to get benefit from exchange programs in different countries

Education is one of the most important aspects of every life as it sharpens pebbles into unique and meaningful stones. Promoting education among poor and needy people eradicates the inferiority complex among people and creates an atmosphere of togetherness and harmony. It also leads to improved quality of life for poor people and allows them to stand on their own feet without any assistance from anyone.

To aware people of the importance of education is not an easy task because they always need more people to earn therefore, special reforms need to be placed by the government to eradicate hunger which will eventually lead to success in the education department.


NGO project proposal on education