Maternity Clothing Business Proposal

I have been working with [X] boutique for seven years. I joined the boutique due to my interest in creating different designs. I could not pursue a professional degree because of financial issues therefore, I was not able to choose fashion designing as a career. I could never take the creativity out of my mind, so I chose to work in a boutique.

I started working as a helper but due to my hard work, I have been promoted to the rank of manager and lead a team of 3 helpers, receptionists, and other cleaning staff. I am responsible for the smooth running of all the operations and customer care. I have always enjoyed working in the boutique because I am always surrounded by fashion, style, and people who have a great sense of fashion. The feeling of fresh designs never gets old and always keeps you up on your toes.

My employer is highly selective and only chooses the best display design. He never compromises on the quality and design of fabric as most of the customers belong to an elite class of society. ABC boutique is very well-reputed and has made its name in the industry of women’s fashion and style.

The only issue I face working at the boutique is the disrespect of the owner towards pregnant women. He does not want to design any maternity clothing as he feels that style does not suit such a body. He looks down on visiting pregnant customers and does not want to entertain them happily. I never liked his attitude towards these women and always apologized on his behalf.

His attitude gave me the idea of having my own business without any professional degree. I want to work on setting up a maternity clothing business, including current style and fashion, so that they can happily enjoy events in modern clothing. Please have a look at my proposal attached.


Patricia Dempsey

Manager at ABC Boutique


Maternity clothing is customized clothing for women going through changes in physique due to pregnancy. These clothing are specifically designed by prioritizing certain factors i.e., comfortable, soft, and loose. Maternity clothing has gone through various changes over the period due to the changing style and fashion. Clothes for pregnant women were never considered to be important and women were not able to attend events in fashionable clothes.

Later, loose basic garments were designed for wearing at home, but fashion and style were never included in maternity clothes. Even today, not every brand presents a range specific for pregnant women but still, there are many brands that design and customize clothes for pregnant women.

These clothes are made by following the current fashion trends and allowing mommies-to-be to enjoy each event in full swing. This became possible due to celebrity culture i.e., when celebrities started attending events during pregnancy and show off their physique changes by owning them. Even in today’s modern world, people look down on pregnant women and do not want to entertain them in any manner.

I always wanted to design clothes and I have found my field of maternity clothing as it would be a great feeling for pregnant women to enjoy their important days in comfortable clothing. I have already designed few articles for my collection, and I am working on others. In addition to clothing, my setup will also assist mommies-to-be in different other items related to pregnancy, childbirth, and care.


To lay the foundation of a business from scratch is a very difficult task. I will not be starting a small business instead, with the help of a few investors, I would be opening a business like the boutique. Such huge business requires a lot of work and a huge team, but I will be able to pull through by following these below-mentioned objectives,

  • Renting a place for setting up my business
  • Deciding name and policies for working operations for the business
  • Buying furniture and accessories to decorate the space and make it beautiful.
  • Purchasing high-quality fabric, thread, motifs, and embellishments for designing articles
  • Meetings with some pregnant women to know their views about the clothing they would like to wear.
  • Hiring other designers to complete the collection and launch it.
  • Planning for hiring staff to assist in other business-related duties i.e., cleaning, managing, packing, taking orders, and delivering.
  • Employing the best marketing strategies to spread the word regarding business.


Starting your own business and running it successfully has its pros and cons as compared to working for an employer. These are mentioned below,

  • Self-employment frees you from a rigid time routine and allows you to work when you are at the peak of your creativity. It takes the pressure off and produces good work.
  • Self-employment assists in major fields other than business i.e., decisive nature, better communication, managing different tasks at a single time, etc.
  • It frees you from working by the book as you can create whatever you like and however you like it.
  • You are free to hire people who you think can handle the business and would like to take it forward.
  • Some of the drawbacks that may be associated with self-employment include the process of legalizing the business as it involves many visits to the related office and works a way out.
  • The burden of responsibility is much less because you have to be present at the job and during off-hours, you can enjoy your life but self-employed do not enjoy such luxury as they are always thinking about the business and the related problems that need to be tackled.


Maternity clothing business proposal