Fishing Equipment Business Proposal

I have worked with [X] company since 19XX. ABC company is a fishing company and operates in a manner that it hires fisherman, provide them with all fishing equipment and let them fish. All the collection is submitted to an employer by fishermen, and they are provided a monthly salary regardless of their fish collection. I started working as a helper as I never wanted to be a fisherman, but my financial issues got better for me and I started fishing. I had a good experience with fishing and other fishermen as fishing is a quite difficult task and takes a lot of patience.

The company has divided fishermen into several groups and each group has a specific time for fishing. All the local people are capable of fishing as the residential area is surrounded by water and native people learn it in their childhood, but these people are devoid of resources to buy their own equipment and do their own business.

Native people are not aware of the workings of the world and therefore they stay slaves to the company because at least their stoves are burning. Fish are collected by managers and are transported to different areas for selling. These fish are very expensive because they are hardly found anywhere in the world and special techniques are used for catching them.

To ease the pain of my fellow fishermen, I have decided to start the business of fishing equipment in the area so that people can leave slavery and earn themselves. If they became independent, they would also learn ways to sell it into different markets and earn good money which is there from the beginning. I have designed a proposal for my idea and attached with following letter to seek your approval. Kindly consider my request.


[Your Name]
Fisherman of ABC company


Fishing is the process of catching fish from their natural habitat. Fish is then used as food and get transported to different areas so that people living far from its habitat can also enjoy it. Fish is one of the preferred dishes in winters as it provides warmth in cooling weather. It can be eaten in a curry, barbecue, grill, or any other form. There are different kinds of fish that are used by humans and they all taste different.

The art of fishing is not easy as it requires the use of various equipment and experience. Native people are experienced in fishing as they learn these skills in their childhood and start earning a livelihood. Many people fishing as a hobby and a getaway from the materialistic lives. They especially plan for fishing season and camp in the nearby areas. They came with all the essentials so that they can cook and enjoy their fish at the spot.

I am interested in the equipment business because now I have the means to set it up and it will provide more earning to native people and they would be able to use their skills for their own good. This equipment would not only be available for purchase but it can also be bought in easy installments so that each fisherman can be facilitated.


There are many tools that are required for fishing but some of them are very essential and it cannot be possible these following tools.

  1. Fishing line: The fishing line is the gadget that helps in catching fish. It is more like a rod alone attached to its end. It comes in different materials such as fluorocarbon, steel, or monofilament. While fishing, the strength of the fishing line matters, and a (6-10) pound fishing line are considered good for the task. Commonly, monofilament fishing lines are used for fishing.
  2. Hooks: Hooks are another essential item for fishing. The cone in different sizes and is chosen based on the strength of the fishing line and the choice or availability of fish. A single or multiple hooks are attached at the end of the fishing line and fish gets trapped in these hooks.
  3. Bait: Bait is any living thing or an object that is used to lure fish towards the fishing line. Most used baits include minnow and worms. They are attached to the hooks and left in water, fish come to eat them and are trapped in the hooks. After trapping, the fishing line is pulled by the fishermen, and fish are caught.


I have been familiar with all the equipment that is required for fishing but at the start, I will only be selling basic tools because of my limited finances. Before selling, the following tasks should be accomplished.

  • Renting a place for setting up the business. It should be near the fishing hub to increase sales and provide ease to fishermen.
  • Deciding name and policies for carrying out operations.
  • Purchasing high-quality equipment to facilitate fishermen.
  • Buying furniture and other essentials to set up space.
  • Keeping up an inventory of the sold items to maintain check and balance.
  • Hiring employees to work as a receptionist and a cleaner.
  • Gather suggestions for more equipment.
  • Get feedback about equipment and continue to improve quality.

Marketing strategies

The success of the business depends on the strategies that are being used for marketing. It is important to make sure that everyone in the field is aware of the business and would like to check out. Following strategies can be used,

  • Brochures with all the necessary information can be passed everywhere so that people know about it.
  • Groups of fishermen can be chosen and given lectures to throw light on the importance of independence.


Fishing Equipment Business Proposal