Auto Repair Service Shop Proposal

It is stated that I am a resident of XYZ society for the last 10 years and have enjoyed my life here. Ten years ago, when I decided to permanently settle down and buy a house, I chose this society due to the convenience it provides in terms of all necessities of life. Everything can be found within the society which reduces the rush of automobiles on roads. I have been associated with an auto repair shop in partnership with my friend but, now I want to start my own service shop. The most preferable location for the service shop is in front of our society’s gate and the government asked me to seek your permission for the startup. The presence of an automobile service shop is harmless for the betterment of society as it will not affect the daily routine of any resident rather it will be very helpful for the residents to have all services at a close distance.

Along with this letter, I have attached a complete proposal for my business venture. Kindly consider my business proposal and allow me to start my shop. I shall be very grateful.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Eric Dane
House # 54, Street # 4, Block 6, XYZ society.
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Auto repair shops provide services to automobiles based on their technical machinery problems. Automotive issues are very common and such shops can be found anywhere in the world where people own automotive. Automobiles are made up of different machinery components and can have faults due to various reasons. Such faults can easily be corrected at a repair shop. These shops are run by very experienced and talented individuals because they can tell and correct the faults within a specified time.

Auto repairing is a skill that is learned over a very long period with patience. I have learned all the ups and downs of this business as well as the behavior of people and their needs as I have been closely associated with it for the longest time. An auto repair shop in front of society will not only provide residents the ease for their automobile problems but will also contribute towards the marketing of our society. Kindly consider my proposal.


After permission signal, there are many objectives that need to be tackled before opening the shop to customers in a few months. These objectives include,

  • Construction on the designated location to provide it as an outlook of a repair shop.
  • Deciding a name and policy for the service shop.
  • Purchasing equipment to provide services.
  • Setting up the repair shop and open it for customers.
  • Hiring experienced staff to provide assistance to customers.


Different services are provided by different repair shops. I have already mastered the services that will be provided to my customers,

  • Automotive service that includes washing and all necessary service of car cleaning.
  • Sale of tires which will be branded, no secondary product will be used in my service shop.

Keys to success

Success is difficult to achieve initially as it is difficult to attract customers and win their trust but after the deed is done, it gets easier and needs to be maintained to serve loyal customers. Words of such customers travel far and can be a reason for more customers as well. Success can be achieved through the following key points,

  • Providing exceptional work without any faults.
  • Continuous communication with clients to let them know about issues of their automotive and progress of repair job.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable mechanics that can deal with clients and explain the intricate details of the repair process.
  • Always being punctual and complete work before the due date and time to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Use high-end products that have a warranty so that the clients are satisfied with the services.
  • Always keep the satisfaction of the client’s priority.

Start-up Financials

The repair center will include a repairing area, storage space for keeping tools and other essentials, office space for making bills and payments, a car wash area, and air-filling stations for tires. All these essentials will require money because everything will be purchased.

So, the start-up cost will be used for,

  • Legal documentation of auto repair shop
  • Stationery for office
  • Advertisements for marketing
  • Telephones
  • Papers
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Snacks
  • Computer
  • Machinery
  • Tools


The service shop would be controlled by a complete managerial system. I will be supervising everything, but I don’t want to be involved with the workings of it. Therefore, staff will include

  • Manager:

The manager will be responsible for the growth and survival of the service shop by acting as a leader and ensure the loyalty of the team with the shop. He will also be responsible for the implementation of service center policy by the employees. All the tasks related to inventory, purchase, sales will be controlled by the manager. Employees will be salaried through him and if any issue appears at the shop then the manager will be held accountable. He will also make policies for further improvement in performance to attract more customers.

  • Accountant

An accountant will manage shop account and deal with banking issues related to the service center. He will keep track of all the cash that will be hand-over to the manager at the end of the day.

  • Mechanics

Mechanics will deal with all the problems associated with automobiles and come up with the best solution to acquire the client’s trust.


Auto Repair Service Shop Proposal

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