Bridal Shop Business Proposal

It is stated that I have been a resident of London my whole life. I was born and raised here and found the love of my life in London. I have 3 kids and I have been associated with ABC bridal shop for 11 years. Starting from a helper, I made my way up as a designer due to my hard work, compassion, and punctuality. After 11 years of service, I want to set up a bridal shop of my own in the hub of London. For such a business venture, I need permission from XYZ society of bridals and boutiques to approve my request.

I can assure you that I have all the qualifications and experience that are required to run such a business. I understand that it is a hard nut to crack but references from my previous employer will let you know about my determination. I have formulated a complete business proposal for your approval attached with the following letter. Kindly consider my request. If you would like to discuss any key points, then we can arrange a meeting as well.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Meredith Grey
House # 54, Street # 9, Block 5, London
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A bridal shop is a place that houses hundreds of different gowns, dresses, suits for brides. There is a variety of wedding dresses which are selected based on the choice of the bride. The fashion industry is progressing each day and every new trend is also incorporated into the wedding dress so that it looks modern. Due to this, the fashion industry is always blooming as the major contribution of profit is from bridal shops. Choosing a wedding dress is the most difficult task for a bride as a wedding happens only once in a lifetime and each bride wants to look different and pretty. Wedding dresses play a major role in their appearance therefore, the selection is difficult.

My set up of bridal shop will provide assistance to brides in a unique way. Over the years of my service, I have noticed behavior patterns, likeness, and other personality traits play a major role in dress selection. So, after asking a few questions about them, provide dresses according to their taste and one of the dresses is mostly selected. I will personally supervise every selection and make sure that everyone is comfortable.

All the ladies of the wedding, mothers, sisters of bride and groom, bridesmaid and others, will also be entertained as the shop will showcase a complete range of latest fashion dresses to wear at the wedding. My bridal shop will provide feasibility to the ladies that they will not have to search other shops for their dresses.

Along-with bridal dresses, my shop will provide all related necessities such as headpieces, hairpins, jewelry, shoes thus, a complete package of a lady getting ready for attending a wedding. It would be a one-stop-shop for ladies and will provide every latest trend in the line of dresses, jewelry, shoes, and other necessary items.


Working for more than a decade under someone’s supervision is one thing and starting a new business in that field is another, but I assure you that I have a complete skill set for my business. My experience in this field has been extremely informative and made me realize my strength to set up a business of my own. I will take the following small steps in achieving my goal,

  • Finalizing a name and policy for my bridal shop.
  • Contacting designers and start the process of dressmaking.
  • Collect all the legal documents needed for my business.
  • Deciding marketing strategies and their implementation.
  • Hiring equipped staff to assist me in making customers happy.
  • Provide extravagant sales to enhance customer flow.
  • Generate a profit of 20% during the first year of set up.

My bridal shop will work for providing the best customer service to our clientele so that they feel comfortable during the selection of attire or any accessories. All the staff members will be provided with an environment of respect and fun that empowers employees to be honest and trustworthy.

Keys to success

Following some key points will help in making this business a hit,

  • Provide all the latest trends under one roof.
  • Customer service should be remarkable.
  • Honest comments should be provided to the clients.
  • Preserve the reputation of being a one-stop-shop.


Products that will be displayed at our shop will include,

  • Dresses
  • Headpiece
  • Veils
  • Jewelry
  • Footwear
  • Hairpins

All the above-mentioned products will be presented in a variety of styles and price ranges. These products will be of supreme quality and from reputed designers. All the attires for mothers, sisters, bridesmaids, and flower girls will be displayed on the showcase. All these articles will be used for trying and not purchasing as repeated trying of dress changes its fitting. After selection of any attire, the same will be made on-demand keeping in mind the change of color or style asked by the client. Due to the strategy of made-to-order, clients will only wear new dresses according to their fittings rather than the tried-on dress.

All the footwear and jewelry will be sold off the floor whereas veils and headpieces will be made according to the demands of the customer. 50 percent payment will be provided by customers during order whereas, rest 50 percent will be paid after the order is complete and received by the customer.

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies are as important as the target audience. It is crucial to make sure that word of business reaches to correct ears. The target audience in the following business would be women of all ages, races, shapes, sizes, and jobs. Following marketing strategies can be used,

  • Fliers and posters of business at busy salons and parlors so that women take notice.
  • Advertisement on television during movies as they are liked by women.


Bridal Shop Business Proposal

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