Festival Sponsorship Proposal

It is respectfully stated that I have been associated with X for 5 years. I joined this company as an intern, during graduation, to gain some experience in the practical field. After my graduation, I secured a permanent position as a faculty within the company and started working as an assistant.

Later, I got promoted to the rank of manager and have been serving since. ABC is an organizer company that organizes various festivals and events based on the requirements of its target audience. Some of the festivals are organized to the demands of clients to either sponsor their products and services or for a social cause. The main reason behind this festival is to engage the public and target audience.

I have been working with many clients and try to provide everything based on their requirements and have acquired an amazing response from my clients.

ABC is also known for organizing festivals that would have a huge social impact and trying to convey their message through plays and other products at the festival. Most of these festivals are sponsored by brands which give them the required publicity and provide a marketing advantage to the brand.

Recently, we have been thinking of celebrating a festival to aware more and more people regarding a social cause, but the sponsors have not been finalized yet. Therefore, I have designed a proposal for offering sponsorship to these brands and making it worth their while. Kindly consider my proposal and approve it.

Anxiously waiting for your response.


Festivals are celebrated with much love and joy with family and friends. Not only these moments are precious but later when they become a memory, they can be cherished each day. It is not every day that this fast-moving life provides you with time to celebrate and be with your friends.

Therefore, all the religious and cultural festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal. These festivals are a way of showing love and harmony to one another as well as to the country. Many people go to the extra length and celebrate it with decorative items, balloons, music, and games to keep everyone entertained.

These festivals are organized by competent organizers, who are not only professional in organizing such events but also have experience. Organizers are hired by people to take care of every matter and make sure that escapes their eyes.

They all strive to provide a good time to the attendees of the festival and keep them entertained. Mostly, festivals are not funded by one person rather two or more people come together to sponsor a festival as it is a huge event and requires much more funding. In addition, these festivals are also sponsored by big brands to promote their products through these festivals.

Many organizers are eager in organizing festivals that would have a positive impact on society, but they are devoid of funds. The only way out is to lure sponsors and sell them the idea of the festival and its benefits in their regard. This is mutually beneficial for both parties because brands get their promotions and organizers are able to arrange their festival for the audience.

Strategy breakdown

Some of the steps that should be taken while writing a proposal of brand sponsorship are as follows,

  1. Planning: Plan a festival with a mind to catching the related brands. Sponsorship can only be acquired if there is a positive association between a brand and the festival, it is important that the reasons for the festival are in accordance with the brand in mind to make sure that they sponsor the event. Choose a venue that can not only advertise for the brand but also has the capacity to organize stalls and cater to attendees. If the festival is organized while keeping a specific brand in mind and how to provide marketing, then festivals have great chances that they are sponsored by the same brand.
  2. Promotion: Think of all ways that can sponsor the brand to the maximum. Walk through the venue and think of all places where sponsored products can be placed so that gathering attention and hanging slogans of the brand is also beneficial. Make sure that every spectator is aware of the brand in any manner. The use of brands’ products, services, logos, and slogans can be used repeatedly to influence the audience.
  3. Branding: Engage the audience with the brand as maximum as possible and gather impressions to provide a theoretical value to the sponsors about their benefits.
Festival sponsorship proposal template