Room Decor for Marriage Proposal

I am [Name] and have been working with [ABC]. After completing my graduation in Designing, I joined this company as an intern to gain some knowledge and experience. After completing an internship, I secured a permanent position as a faculty and started working at the rank of assistant to the manager and actively take part in every project.

ABC is a multi-functional company that has several departments taking care of various components. These departments take care of interior designing, decoration, building infrastructure, architecture, and many other avenues.

In addition to providing consultations about remodeling, highly experienced and professional staff at ABC also provides decorative arrangements for different functions as well as designing homes and buildings from the ground up.

I have been an active part of the team and have taken part in designing events and decorating them. My work has always been praised by my seniors and they always gave good reviews. I have always wanted to make my mark in this field and secure a top bench position alongside my other colleagues.

Recently, our company acquired a wedding room decoration project from one of our valued clients. I am very eager to take the lead on this project and see how circumstances pan out. I have already designed a proposal for this project and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval. Kindly consider my request at your earliest.

Anxiously awaiting your response.


With advancements in the field of technology and its applications, standards of living have changed significantly. Technology and its products have immensely imprinted on every aspect of our lives and are continuing to do so. From living in simpler homes and going to work each day, everything has changed and integrated highlights of aesthetics in every form.

The dynamics of houses, as well as workplaces, have changed greatly and also affected other avenues of life. Earlier, people used to live in houses made of clay, but they still decorated their houses with colors and made decorative pieces with mud to make their houses more beautiful. Now that place has been replaced by professionals who provide their insights in this matter and allow you to take a back seat and enjoy the works of professionals.

The field of design is equipped with experienced designers who have the ability to completely change the dynamics of a provided space. These designers not only work on buildings and residential spaces but also design salons, boutiques, wardrobes, and rooms based on the requirements of their clients.

Every design is different and requires a different level of expertise to cater to every need and make sure that it is up to the mark and is approved by clients. Decorations are also based on designs and arrangements of different elements to bring out the charm of space. It can be decorated using flowers, decoration pieces, ribbons, and other ornaments based on the requirements of clients.

Recently acquired project of the company is to decorate a room for marriage and upon it was deduced that its interior requires touch and then it can be decorated. The design for the complete room and the action plan that would follow are given below.

Action Plan

Every design is executed in steps to make sure that everything goes according to plan and is also appreciated by the clients. In the end, everything is about making clients happy. Some of the steps taken for a decorating room for marriage are given below,

  • Changing the bed to add a modern look to the room.
  • Addition of sofa-bed and dressing table to complete the entire look.
  • Decorating bed with see-through curtains and flower bouquets for decorating bed
  • Addition of lilies bouquets on the dressing table.
  • Making a walk-in wardrobe for spacious hangings.
  • Removing all posters of athletes and celebrities to remove traces of bachelorhood from the room.
  • Adding photo frames of marriage and other pictures to add a personal touch.
  • Placing corner lamps alongside chairs to add light to the room.
Room Decor for Marriage Proposal