Food Product Manufacturing Proposal

[ABC] is a food manufacturing company and is a very popular brand among ready-made food companies. It takes great pride in providing healthy and quality food products to its customers. All the products are viewed by the quality check department of Food control. Food is manufactured with utmost care.

There are a number of steps that are followed by the food before reaching the store. Manufactured food is passed through quality control and packaged to deliver to nearby stores. It also travels great distances to reach its valuable customers. I joined this firm as a helper due to my interest in the brand.

Later, I enjoyed working here and put my hard work into it till I reached the status of a manager. There are many products manufactured by the company that includes chicken lollipops, frozen pizza, sausages, pickles, and much more. This company has a huge set up on the ground and in the space as the products are also delivered to other countries by air.

I have always taken a great interest in the production and packaging of these products. I, myself, always wanted to be in the food chain and make some difference but due to financial issues, I had to take the job of a helper. But it’s never too late to pursue your own dreams therefore, I have made my mind to resign from my current job and start up my own business of food products manufacturing for children. It will provide great assistance to working parents and it will also be cost-effective.


The food industry is one of the biggest industries in the world as it is never out of work. People live to eat and eat to live. It has a huge number of supporters who prefer packaged food instead of fresh meals as it provides the ease of cooking and saves you from all the difficult tasks of peeling, cutting, and cooking. Over time, the food industry has revolutionized a lot in terms of changing the habits of its consumers, advancement in technology, application of cool kitchen gadgets, and much more.

Cooking has been made much easier but still, it is a tiring effort for working people. Food products that are commonly manufactured include pickles, pizza, nuggets, chicken products, and many more. All these products can be prepared in a microwave oven with ease and make healthy and clean eating at home possible. There are several brands that manufacture different types of products mostly chicken. Some of the brands use high-quality raw materials to manufacture quality products.

After much thinking, I came up with this idea to help working mothers regarding their young children. Cooking for kids takes a lot of time and effort which is not possible for working parents. Therefore, my business setup will provide an excellent opportunity to give children a healthy diet even after a tiring day of work. Products manufacture will include kids’ friendly purees, smoothies of healthy eatables, cereals, and other chicken products with fewer spices.


Few objectives of the proposal include

  • Renting a place for setting up machinery and starting the process of manufacturing
  • Ordering machinery from the best brand to avoid the problems of heat
  • Setting up an office space to take care of official matters
  • Buying high-quality raw materials to ensure the quality of products
  • Meetings with a child specialist to further learn the number of constituents required for children
  • Hiring other baby food experts for devising a complete menu for kids’ products
  • Making commitments with store owners for displaying the manufactured products
  • Hiring staff to work in management, manufacturing, packaging, cleaning, and delivering
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word

Keys to success

There are no hard and fast rules to achieve success. It is a continuous process of hard work and passion. No company or business gains success overnight instead, every business struggle to run smoothly. Some of the key steps that can be followed include,

  • Always use high-quality raw materials to ensure the trust of consumers
  • Consult specialists before moving forward
  • Always try to facilitate the customer regardless of rules
  • Keep the health and safety of children in mind
  • Use good packaging techniques to ensure the safety of products over long distance


Every setup requires a specific skill set for running the business smoothly. The skillset may vary from person to person but every skill counts. Some of the skills that can be useful include

  • Communication skills render good and effective communication with customers. The key. to every business is its customers which can either make the business a success or a flop. Therefore, strong communication without useless stuff is important.
  • Management quality allows you to manage various tasks at a time. Owners are always to be flooded in the pool of responsibilities and every task needs to be catered to in the best possible manner therefore, managing each task at a specific time is necessary.
  • Every setup requires an influx of heavy finances as every deal either purchasing or selling includes the exchange of money therefore, it is crucial to understand financials. It exempts you from hiring extra help to manage day-to-day finances.
  • Leadership quality is the key to manage a big team of employees in a manner that their productivity is at its maximum. Good leadership tactics can increase the business manifold. Delegating tasks, handling responsibilities, and conducting meetings in a proper way can always help a great team.


Food Product Manufacturing Proposal Template