Bridal Gown Shop Business Proposal

[ABC] is a popular shop for wedding accessories related to groom, brides, groomsmen, and bridesmaids. It houses a variety of wedding gowns and other dresses to accommodate everyone related to the wedding. ABC is run by professional designers and stylists who not only design amazing dresses but also give suggestions based on the personality and preferences of the clients.

Mostly, brides are accompanied by other women i.e., mother, sister, or friend to help in choosing the right dress for the bride. The shop is furnished in a manner that it can cater to anyone related to the wedding and can provide many options to choose from. I have learned a lot about styling, designing, bringing different pieces together to create a phenomenal look, and assisting. ABC shop takes great pride in being the number one shop to cater to all the needs of the wedding.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working for this shop but the only problem I encountered during my job was the derogatory attitude of employers towards plus-size individuals. All the dresses and gowns are designed to fit young, smart individuals but they do not design any dress for bulky or heavy customers. These customers are always looked down upon and make their arrival awkward. I tried to change this norm but all in vain. I came across the idea of setting up my own shop of bridal gowns for every size. A bride can be any size and still, she will be provided with the best service at my shop.


Inshal Naveed
Manager at ABC Shop
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Weddings are the events arranged by individuals for getting married. It is one of the most important events in the lives of many individuals and they make a lot of preparations so that everything runs smoothly. Most extravagant weddings are organized and managed by teams of people that come together and complete every task. Every minor detail is catered to in the best possible manner to let guests enjoy themselves.

Weddings are combinatorial efforts of florists, interior designers, dress designers, make-up artists, wedding planners, bakers, winery, and many others. The most important thing for a bride is to look beautiful on the biggest day of her life. It includes several things coming together to give a great look.

Bridal gowns are given special attention as they are the actual highlight of the wedding. These gowns are made in a variety of materials based on the likings of customers. Some of the gowns are lacy, embroidered, fancy clothing material, and others.

I want to set up a shop that can serve every woman regardless of their physique. I always had a creative mind and with experience and knowledge, I will be able to launch an exclusive collection that will be loved by every woman. I have always emphasized details as they matter the most. Intricate details of embroidery, exceptional patterns of the lace, and fabulous quality of cloth will be my top priority.


Start-up can be done by dividing it into small, manageable objectives which are mentioned below,

  • A place for setting up the shop and start doing work.
  • Setting up an office space to deal with official matters.
  • Allocating a separate room for changing dresses.
  • Renovation of the place to give it the look of a shop that attracts bride-to-be or related individuals.
  • Hiring other designers to work on different designs and release a collection.
  • Hiring stylist to assist brides in taking decisions regarding wedding gowns.
  • Hiring staff to carry out different chores such as cleaning, organizing, helping, and managing.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.

Keys to success

There are no hard and fast rules to achieve success as it is only achieved with sheer hard work and passion. Some of the steps that can be followed for achieving success include.

  • Never let any customer down if you cannot entertain them then refuse politely.
  • Always provide high-quality material to the customers so that they would like to visit again.
  • Always provide exceptional service and ideas to the customers regardless of their financial status and physique.
  • Have good, amicable relation with staff members to provide a good environment to the customers.


Every business requires a specific skill set for running smoothly and finally achieving success. It is not an overnight process as it can give you many sleepless nights and make you insane. Some of the skills that can really prove helpful include:

  • Managing work effortlessly can take you a long way without tiring. As an owner, you are always flooded with various tasks at once therefore, it is very important to manage every task in a manner that there are no complaints against it.
  • Finances are involved in every step of every business as you are set to buy a number of essentials and similarly, will also sell dresses. All these tasks require the influx of finances therefore, financial knowledge can be very helpful and will make you independent of hiring any extra help for the task.
  • Leadership quality is a must-have in owners as leading a team of competent employees is not an easy task. An excellent owner knows the tricks to get maximum productivity from the employees.
  • Communication skills allow for better and productive communication with potential customers.


Bridal Gown Shop Business Proposal Template