Resale Business Proposal Template

[ABC] is an auto service and repair workshop that teaches the newcomers and then hires them. I have an engineering degree, but I could not pursue my dream job due to a lack of experience and financial issues. Therefore, I joined the workshop to learn some skills and earn. It has been a very good experience, but the job is very tiring. In addition to providing service at the workshop, it also deals with providing repair services at the home of customers.

I always wanted to be an automotive engineer and design racing cars, but I had to leave my dream. A few senior mechanics teach all the skills to newcomers, and after a certain period, these newcomers can work on their own without assistance. Many skilled mechanics decide to leave the workshop to start their own business. I also wanted to leave and start my business but then I started working on another idea.

I continued working at the workshop to become more skillful so that I can set up my own business of used automobiles. We always encounter customers who want to sell their automotive due to the poor condition or if they meet any accident and automotive suffer badly. These automobiles are not useless entirely and can be repaired.

They provide a good business strategy as they can be bought at a low price and after repairing can be sold to suitable customers at a high price. As I am a mechanic myself, the cost of repairing will not be huge. I have already designed a business proposal for my idea and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval.


A mechanic at ABC Workshop
Contact [X]


Automobiles are a combination of engineering, mechanics, and design. There are hundreds of companies that make these automobiles and facilitate people in their locomotion around the world. Automobiles are specially designed by designers and after careful analysis, go through the process of manufacturing. It includes the expertise of many fields to come together and manufacture a masterpiece.

Each year many companies present their new collection to seek the attention of the audience and increase sales. With the advancing technology, every upcoming product consists of more useful features than the previous one. It also creates a sense of competition in the field of product and every company strives to do better.

Each new automotive has advanced features that can make the journey more comfortable and faster. Such qualities have been added in the manufacturing of automotive that allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home within your car.

These automobiles are not always in their best state as they can also be worn out. They are a form of machinery that needs its service for running smoothly. Some parts of automobiles can wear out in a time of a year or 2 and are needed to be replaced i.e., tires of the car.

Some parts require continuous check and filing of water i.e., radiators. Additionally, automobiles also require a thorough wash and service to make them as good as new. My business will help underprivileged people buy a means of transport as good as new and in less price. It would highly facilitate people as I tend to help them with their second-hand vehicles.


Dividing a project into small steps can increase the chance of its success. Following are few steps that can be adopted to make a business successful,

  • Requiring a place to set up the business and start work.
  • Setting up a showroom for displaying cars that are up for resale.
  • Setting up a repairing space for repairing cars and providing wash services.
  • Managing an office space to take care of official matters.
  • Ordering high-quality spare parts for installing in different vehicles.
  • Purchasing stationery and other equipment for repair work.
  • Hiring mechanics and other helpers to manage car repair and wash services.
  • Hiring staff to work as a cleaner, manager, and receptionist.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.

Keys to success

There are no hard and fast rules to success, and they can never be achieved overnight. It requires small, constant effort to make it possible. Some of the key steps that can be followed to achieve success include,

  • Always provide high-quality service to every customer so that they would visit you again and share with others.
  • While reselling a car, tell every fault or quality to the customer so that they can decide if they want to buy or not.
  • Never indulge yourself in easy money as it only gives trouble.
  • Listen carefully to the demands of customers and then provide them with options.


Every business or setup requires certain skills to run the business. These skills may vary from business to business depending on their nature but can never go useless. Some of the skills that can be helpful includes,

  • Managing tasks successfully can take you a long way as it is very crucial to manage everything properly. Running a business is never easy but it can be made comfortable by providing high-quality service to every customer.
  • Leadership quality allows you to delegate work properly to your team. It helps you in enhancing the productivity of your team and all tasks can be managed.
  • Creating a good working environment frees every employee from stress and work is done more smoothly. It helps in the overall progress of the business.


Resale Business Proposal Template