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It is respectfully stated that I have been associated with Media House for 8 years. I have always worked behind the mainframe and taken care of everything off camera. I have always been a fan of creativity implemented in the work produced by this media house and the appreciation that it receives from not only clients as well as from critics.

Behind the camera, I and my team of 4 members are engaged in providing all the essentials that are required for recording a TV commercial. From arranging props, enhancing product value, meeting clients, and hiring models, we are always striving to provide the best to our audience from our end.

I have developed an interest in the field of commercial direction and creation because of my surroundings. I am not qualified for this role, but I am significantly creative to produce a commercial because of the experience that I gained through this media house.

Recently, our media house has been assigned the task by a big brand for producing a TV commercial of their infamous product. I have already talked to the design and creation team about including me in this commercial and they have assigned me the task of designing a proposal for the commercial. I require your permission for working on this project. Kindly consider my proposal and allow me to work on it. I will never disappoint and let you down.

Anxiously waiting for your response.

Tv commercial proposal cover letter

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Advertising has been an essential tool to spread awareness and knowledge about products and their respective brands. Different advertisement techniques have been used for launching brands to the public. Great campaigns have everlasting effects on the public and continue to impact their lives long after the campaigns have been closed. Hundreds of advertising agencies are in action that entertains thousands of clients and help them in advertising their products to the public.

For growing a particular brand, it does not only require the broadcast of an advertisement on TV once or twice rather it needs a whole campaign organized creatively so that it speaks to its target audience and draws them towards the product.

The advertising industry has bloomed extravagantly because of the revenue it generates for brands and their products. Companies and businesses are willing to spend millions on commercials and advertising agencies because it all comes back in the form of the success of their product.

In addition to TV commercials, there are many other platforms that can be used for advertisements which may include social media, printed media, and search engines.


The process of TV commercial production is very long and tiring as it involves many people and departments performing different tasks. Each department interacts with one another and shares its knowledge and experience to provide worthy content to clients as well as the audience. Teams involved in creating a TV commercial include,

  • The research team analyzes the product, related features, and company by conducting different experiments and evaluating their value.
  • The creative team is responsible for finalizing the content of the commercial that will have an impact on the audience and increase its worth.
  • The casting team selects suitable models and other people based on different criteria.
  • The design team is involved in deciding all the props and designing the set or venue where the commercial will be shot at.
  • Makeup artists are employed for using their artistic skills on people as well as on products or objects to enhance their beauty.
  • Decor teams are responsible for decorating the set required for shooting commercials. These sets are decorated according to the requirement of the product and shoot.


TV commercials have been used for advertising for a very long time as showing people the product and its features is more beneficial than telling them over the radio or other listening devices. The significance of TV commercials can be evaluated from the following points,

  • Introduce brands and their offered products to the masses.
  • Easy to reach target audience because of excessive use of the platform by every person.
  • Easy communication of all features of the product to the target audience.
  • Reviews of the audience can be gathered easily.
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