Software Development Proposal to Client

Proposal letter

[XYZ] is a software house that provides assistance to business owners and other small group owners. They are involved in the designing and developing of software for different purposes. After my graduation, I joined XYZ as an intern for a year but the experience I gained changed my internship into a permanent job which I am enjoying too much. We work for multinational companies as well as small business owners as every setup requires the working of software for a different reason.

Business owners are not aware of computers and how the software works, therefore, they pay us for our services. Every receipt of every sale, overall sale of the business, and keeping up inventory are all performed through software installed on computers. Thus, they help owners in tracking their progress and also aware governments of the tax that should be paid by their businesses.

I always planned on setting up my own business as a software house as well as offering my services as a freelancer in the international world. It is important to get international recognition as it opens new horizons and allows you to step out of your comfort zone and meet the needs of people so different and so far from you.

Over the years at XYZ, I have gained immense experience professionally as well as personally and would like to incorporate it in setting up my own venture of software development. Please find attached the proposal prepared by us with this letter.

Waiting for your comments.


Eric Nelson
An employee at [XYZ] Company


Software is defined as a set of instructions that helps the functioning of computers and software development is the process of creating, developing, designing, supporting, and deploying software. These software(s) are designed to help computers in carrying out their tasks efficiently.

A computer itself is unaware of the program it needs to follow and depends on the software that programs it. Software is independent of hardware and is designed by humans. There are specific guidelines and standards that software companies are supposed to follow for developing software.

It provides a structure for the software development team to follow in designing, creating, and maintaining high-quality software.

Software is designed with utmost care and precision to meet the requirements of the client and allow it to function properly. A few steps are followed while designing and creating software which is mentioned below:


Before designing any software, thorough research is conducted by the software house to understand the viability of the product in the market. The functions and services provided by the software should be memorized by the developer to help consumers in getting benefits from the software and also find it useful.

There are many methods of conducting the research, it can be done through surveys or online portals. The process of software development starts after it has fulfilled all the required parameters for success.


During the developmental cycle of the software, stakeholders agree on the requirements of users and specifications of the proposed products. They outline the scope, outline, and tasks of the developer and testing parameters to deliver quality products.

This requirement analysis requires a group of people for meeting the demands of people. They may include testers, users, project managers, and developers.


During this step, developers design the model of software according to the provided instructions. Companies hire developers to provide them with certain requirements such as time, budget, team composition, method, and architectural design. A model of design provides the layout for testers to avoid flaws and delays in the project.


During this stage of development, developers create code based on product specifications and requirements. Once the coding is performed, the product is deployed for the implementation stage and this model is used as a pilot version of the whole program to evaluate their performance matching requirements.


During this stage, the software is tested for proofreading to avoid bugs and viruses. The performance of the software is tested for evaluating its functions based on the requirements of the company.


Setting up a business in the field of software development is very difficult as it requires revision, and any error can lead to a collapse after years of struggle. The basic protocol followed for achieving the set-up goal is mentioned below,

  • Renting an empty space to set up an office and workstation
  • Renovating the space for giving it an official look
  • Painting all the space to give a more serious vibe
  • Ordering high-quality equipment for working
  • Hiring other software developers to take on more projects
  • Making connections in the business community to get more work
  • Setting up accounts on freelancing websites to appear as a freelancer
  • Using effective marketing strategies for expanding the business horizon
  • Hiring other staff members to perform different chores around the office i.e., handling reception, cleaning offices, managing salaries, maintaining finances


Setting up the business requires a specific skill set for managing and dealing. Any skill learned over time can never be unlearned and be used at any stage. Some of the skills that can prove beneficial are mentioned below,

  • Communication is the key to every conversation and business progress as a result of effective conversations. Dealing with various clients can be hard as every individual has their own temperament and attitude but tackling the situation through communication can do wonders for any businessman
  • Management skill is very crucial as a business owner, every task is waiting for you to be completed. Managing projects, clients, teams, and offices can be very hectic and difficult but managing every project can be very good for the business as it allows you to give proper time to every project and client.
Software development proposal to client