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PPC Proposal Cover Letter

It is stated that I have been working for the XYZ organization for 5 years. After graduation, I joined XYZ as it was the only company in the entire business market that promoted the concept of advertising on social media and gave it importance.

With the Internet technology in hand, people are still unaware of putting it to good use for seeking benefits without the effort. The next generation is based on technology and digital media, it is only important that advertisement companies also join this bandwagon.

Over the years, I have gained immense experience in dealing with clients, understanding their requirements, and delivering services. In addition to knowledge and education, experience is what truly brings out the creative side in you. But the process of acquiring does not stop as it teaches you new things each day. I have completed many courses since my graduation, and they have helped immensely in building my portfolio.

Recently, I came across another amazing opportunity of displaying advertisements and attracting the desired audience to the platform. It is not a new concept but is not used widely due to various reasons.

I have designed a proposal on the platform and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval. If we decide on this platform for advertisements, then it will attract more audiences on less budget.

Anxiously waiting to hear from you.

PPC Proposal Cover Letter


With the passage of time, technology has evolved significantly and does so each day. It is not easy to keep up with the continuously changing trends, but it is the need of the hour to include the technology because it provides ease and is time-saving.

Pay per click or PPC is an Internet advertising tool that allows advertisers to display their ads on websites and search engines but instead of paying a fixed amount, fees are paid on every click. The amount of pay for a click can be a few pennies or go up to $1 or $2.

It is used to draw traffic to the websites and the publisher of the search engine or website gets paid when the ad is clicked. On search engines, advertisers bid on keywords related to their target audience and pay when the ad is clicked by any user.

PPC display advertisements are shown on related content websites to attract more traffic. Social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have also adopted this advertising tool.

The amount paid by an advertiser to the publisher is driven based on two important factors i.e., the quality of the ad and the maximum amount advertiser is willing to pay for the click. If the quality of the ad is good, then the bid is kept minimum.

Websites that use such ads will display the ad when a keyword query matcher the advertiser’s keywords that they have added to several ad groups or when a content website displays relevant content. These ads can be viewed on click and show all the related descriptions that advertisers have added.

Every technology is prone to abuse by competitors or corrupt web developers. In this phenomenon, click fraud can occur to abuse the process of PPC.

In addition to PPC, CPM, also known as cost per 1000 impressions, is also advertised on websites. It is not paid based on clicks rather the cost of 1000 impressions display is paid regardless of the clicks.


PPC works through the keywords that are used by the advertisers in relevance to their ads. These keywords, when used by the visitor, display ads on the search engines or websites. Therefore, these keywords should be carefully selected and the following factors should be kept in mind,

  • Keywords should be highly relevant to the product and services provided by you as you do not want to pay for any useless click. It only works fine if the visitor has an actual interest in the keywords that are being shown.
  • They should be non-competitive and not show up where they are not required by the audience. If the words are highly specific, they draw the right audience towards the ads and keep others away.
  • They should easily be understandable for common people as not everyone understands the official terms.


There are pros and cons of every business or setup but the positive aspects of almost everything supersede their negatives and continue to impact others. Abuse of the internet is common, but it mostly depends on a lack of knowledge. The significance of PPC can be evaluated from the following points,

  • PPC is highly targeted and allows you to attract the right audience to your advertisements. It can draw an audience based on gender, location, keywords, device used, age, interests, and language. This quality allows you to target your advertisements to the people who require those services and products.
  • PPC allows you to monitor the progress and interest of people in your advertisements in real-time. If the ads are not working properly then they can be changed according to requirements. It allows you to observe what type of ads are working and what they are offering.
  • This mode of internet advertisement is cost-effective because you only pay when your ads get clicked. It brings you an audience, and you have to pay but if there is no audience then you are not bound to pay anything.
  • It is not easy to achieve desired results in other forms of advertisements but in PPC, results are visible hours after the ads are actively working. Internet process is super fast and is used by billions, a lot more people need the services and products provided by you, you just have to find them and let them know of your existence.
  • Visitors that visited your ads but did not make any purchases or availed of the services, can be retargeted through spontaneous advertisements, and recall them to visit the ads again and avail of the benefits.
PPC Proposal Template