Cigar Manufacturing Business Proposal

[Company Name] is a cigar manufacturing company that makes high-quality, branded cigars that are afforded by the elite class only. I traveled across the country to learn the art of making cigars as people in my area are very fond of cigars, but they are all working, middle-class people and cannot afford such branded items.

The process of cigar making is not classified but the contents of it are concealed and are only known to the owners. After working for 4 years, I have gained knowledge of making good, economical cigars and the vendors who can supply the required raw materials.

These cigars are purchased by high-end clients that have an excellent taste in cigars and can also afford them i.e., celebrities, businessmen, industrialists, and millionaires. They are also used for gifting to individuals with great taste. In addition to individual customers, these cigars are purchased by hotel owners, bars, and nightclubs to entertain their guests.

After years of working, I have gained much experience in the manufacturing process and now I would set up my own business in my hometown.


Cigars are tobacco leaves filled with a combination of different ingredients including tobacco. It is termed as the finest way to enjoy tobacco. They are available in different sizes and shapes but the most commonly used cigars are rounded shapes with parallel sides and are 5-6 inches long.

Cigars are longer than cigarettes and also last longer. Native Cubans initiated the process of rolling cigars and from there crude cigars find their way to Spain and Europe. Cigars are a luxury because they are expensive due to heavy import duties.

Cigars are also very expensive because of their hand-made synthesis from start. They are now produced all around the world and the manufacturing process is half-manual and half mechanic, but the finest cigars are still made in Cuba and are all hand-made.

Raw materials for cigars are not unique as they constitute lead of tobacco plant, which is found in diverse climates but the produce of Cuba and Jamaica are the best.

These cigars are made by using three types of tobacco leaves and all serve a different purpose in the manufacturing process. Small, broken leaves are used as fillers of the cigar, complete leaves are used as an inner wrapper of the cigar which is also known as a binder.

The appearance of the binder is secondary as it is then wrapped in the primary, finest leaf of tobacco which completes the appearance of the cigar. Cigars are closed through a tasteless gum that binds the ends.

Manufacturing Cuban cigars can be very expensive therefore, I plan on providing good quality cigars by selling hand-made cigars and not using any machine. Cuban cigars can also be prepared by using filler and binder from another region which is cheap and the outer wrapper is the leaf from Cuba.


Setting up a business with all the required knowledge and experience can still be difficult because it requires resilience and a strong will to make it through the hurdles and failures. For starting this venture, the following objectives will be followed,

  • Renting a place for setting up the business of manufacturing i.e., a warehouse or an open space
  • Setting up an office to take care of official matters
  • Ordering quality-controlled raw materials from different regions to make fine cigars
  • Hiring hard-working employees from the area to assist in the manufacturing process
  • Hiring employees to work in various departments i.e., management, packaging, receiving orders, delivering, receptionist, and cleaning staff
  • Making contracts with local bars and restaurants for presenting cigars
  • Using social media tactics to increase the sale
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word

Keys to success

There is no shortcut to achieving success as it is a continuous process that requires sheer hard work and determination. Some of the key steps that can be followed include,

  • Never compromise on providing a high-quality product to your customers
  • Always respect the wish of customers and treat them accordingly
  • Do not make promises that you cannot keep
  • Make your payments timely to gain the trust of vendors


Every business, either big or small, requires a specific skill set to promote it further or make it successful. Every learned skill can come in handy and prove to be significant. Some of the skills that can be very beneficial are mentioned below,

  • Communication is the key to every successful business. Customers are the pillars on which the foundation of business stands. They can either make it or break it therefore, it is important to have a productive conversation with customers. Communication skills play a great deal in maintaining such relations. It helps in building trust and gaining loyalty.
  • Financial knowledge is required in setting up each business or set-up as every deal requires the exchange of finances therefore a little knowledge of the following field can free you from hiring extra help to take care of the finances for you. Every purchase or other service involves money, and it is important to keep track of every deal.
  • Management is the reason behind every successful business as it allows you to manage all tasks simultaneously and provide exceptional service regardless of the workload.
  • Leadership quality is very important for managing each business as it leads to a provide a healthy environment for working. It allows you to attain maximum productivity in a limited time.
  • Manage time according to your orders and spend well on marketing strategies. Every business works if it is marketed well and is famous among people. Some of the strategies that can be used include awareness through emails, brochures, and social media.


Cigar manufacturing business proposal template