Farming Business Proposal Template

It is respectfully stated that I, George Karen, have been your neighbor for 8 years. I work for ABC company and provide assistance to farmers and landowners in maintaining their crops and farms. I have been working with ABC for 5 years and have gained huge experience in the field of agriculture.

At ABC company, we conduct research on different plants and evaluate their responses to certain chemicals and products to support their growth and productivity. These results are then shared with farmers and other agriculturists to enhance crop production. Once desired results are obtained, mass production of materials is started and marketed to aware maximum people about it.

In addition to performing tests in a laboratory, practical experiments are also conducted in the field to evaluate responses in a natural environment. Over the years, I have learned everything about farming and agriculture and now I want to put my knowledge to practical use. Your land in the vicinity of our houses is vacant and will be an excellent area for setting up a farming project.

I seek your approval for using your land for farming. I have attached a farming proposal with the following letter and mentioned all the details of this project.

Anxiously awaiting your response.


George Karen
Researcher at ABC Company
Contact 839 495 356

Sample Proposal

Farming is the process of growing edible plants in huge quantities to overcome food shortages. Farming is an extensive process that requires effort and hard work. Countries that rely on agriculture for their earning economy have acres of their grounds covered in crops. These crops are exported to neighboring countries to assist the financial situation of the country. Hundreds of farmers work day and night to provide healthy, edible crops.

Moreover, research is conducted in high-tech laboratories to evaluate the maximum potential of seeds. Researchers conduct numerous experiments to obtain crops with high nutritional value with the ability to fight pest infestation. Similarly, herbicides and insecticides are also synthesized to protect crops from pests and weeds.

I have worked hard in the research field to profile seeds and select the best seeds for crop production. Tests performed on crops for enhanced productivity generates revenue for the farmers as well as the country. I want to use your land for farming vegetables by using high-quality seeds. This project will not only provide food but will also help me in conducting experiments at a higher level.


Setting up a platform for crop production is not easy and requires the accomplishment of the following tasks,

  • Hiring farmers and helpers as helping hands for preparing the land.
  • Buying essential equipment for maintaining crops.
  • Making arrangements for watering crops.
  • Buying insecticides and herbicides for application in need.
  • Renting heavy machinery for plowing and other tasks.


Farming is a multi-step process that requires the use of high technology and manpower. Tandem steps followed for farming any crop are given below,

  • Softening the land using plowing and making it ready for sowing seeds.
  • Seeds are subjected to pre-treatment before sowing.
  • The land is watered based on the type of crop. It is either watered once or twice.
  • The application of desired insecticide or herbicide depends on the variety of crops.
  • Conducting related experiments on the crops for nutritional value and constituent production.
  • Daily watering along with observing healthy plant growth.
  • Evaluation of growth by altering natural environmental factors.
  • Cultivation of edible crops and their packaging.
  • Preparing land for sowing seeds of another crop.

If this project works out, I will be setting up my business of farming and providing assistance to people in need.


Every business setup requires a specific skill set for running that business and making it successful. Skills required for maintaining a farming business are mentioned below,

  • An awardee of the degree from a reputable institute for registration of the business and other legal matters.
  • Researchers should be able to conduct experiments and tests depending on crop requirements.
  • Troubleshooting skills to analyze problems and take precautionary measures to protect crops.
  • Management skills to manage several projects at once because crops can be a handful and may require watering at dawn and dusk therefore, it is important to manage various tasks in due time.


Farming business proposal template