Child Daycare Service Business Proposal

It is stated that I am Dr. Eric Dane, associated with the ministry of health on a government level. I hope you are doing good after your retirement from the department of health. It gets difficult to spend time idle after a service of 28 years. We were class fellows during high school and our paths separated as we chose different paths for our bachelors. We worked together on so many projects and secured distinction and prizes for those projects.

Recently, other than my government job, I have been working on a business plan. It would be my haven after retirement, as it would be very difficult for me after such active service. I am gathering data about the setup of a child day center in the city. I am aware of all policies regarding child centers and I have been a part of some policies as well so it would be a good and profitable business venture. I would like you to join me and give life to this idea as your service in the healthcare department has been extraordinary and you never compromise on children’s health.

I have a degree of doctorate in child specialization but later I joined a government post so that I can be one of the policymakers as I have studied it. I can bring good to this nation through the care of mother and child as many women succumb to death due to ill-treatment. The following business plan is different from my goal but I am sure if successful, it will be a huge milestone to achieve my goal.

I have made a proposal of all gathered data and attached the letter for your consideration. Kindly consider it worth your time and any confusion can be solved out later. We can also arrange a meeting for a discussion on this business plan.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Eric Dane
Assistant to Minister of Health


Child daycare centers aid mothers by taking care of their kids during working hours. Kids are surrounded by children friendly environment in terms of caretaker, other kids, and the atmosphere of the daycare. Working and non-working, both types of mothers need help in taking care of their child as it can be a very overwhelming task. Working women have to go to work and need their kids to be in the right hands, here daycare centers play a major role as they take care of their child. Children cannot only play but also sleep and eat at daycares as they have to spend a lot of time there.

Daycare centers can be opened in one’s home which provides the benefit of working from home and staying with your children. But on a business scale, a large property is needed to construct a well-furnished and fully equipped daycare center. Working parents always need someone to look after their kids so this business will never go obsolete.

Following steps are required for establishing a business of child daycare center,

  1. Licensing

Obtaining a government license for opening a daycare center is necessary. There are different requirements in different places in the world for child daycare. All the requirements are about the well-being of enrolled children.

Some examples of the licensing requirements are given below,

  • Physical space for children to move in and out of the area.
  • The health of children is maintained, vaccination and medical examination of staff annually.
  • Complete mock trials of fire incidents such as fire alarm, evacuation path, fire extinguishers, and others.
  • Education requirement or qualification of higher management as well as lower staff.
  1. Identify Market

It is important to gather information about existing daycares in the city as they will be a competition. Data obtained talks about the number of kids enrolled, ages, hours, tuition cost, and location. Such information helps in identifying the gap existing between community needs and provided services. If all other daycare provides service for traditional working days then we can pitch in by aiding overnight, early morning, weekends, or other holidays. All the information can be gathered either by online research or by communicating with licensing department.

  1. Create business strategies

This step requires you to make decisions and finalize your thoughts.

  • Work out logistics about how many kids would be enrolled, minimum age of enrolment, providing lunch or not, hiring of staff.
  • Decide the name of daycare as it will be the brand and finalize a policy for the workings of daycare e.g. it would be play policy or strict policy.
  • Establish a health and safety plan of immunization, fire evacuation, accident procedures, etc.
  • Draw up a contract that would be read and signed by parents. The contract should include information about children such as time of entry and leave, allergies, medication, pick up person., emergency contacts, and address.
  • Create a budget of requirements and supplies for setup which includes toys, utensils, swings, beds, sheets, mugs, and other essentials.
  • Set up a tuition fee according to the age of the enrolled child as younger kids require more attention.
  • Fees can be arranged on an hourly or monthly basis according to the requirements of parents. It can be decided based on the data collected from other daycares.
  • The most crucial step is the funding of the project. Funds can be collected from a private source or any government source. We have both served in government and have strong associations so I hope it would not be difficult. Otherwise, loans can also be taken from banks to fund this project.
  1. Execution

After all planning and viewing pros and cons, it is time to set up the business by making purchases of all the essentials, deciding the location, and purchasing insurance as it is very important in the case of any unfortunate incident.

  1. Marketing

Marketing of business to the correct audience so that it reaches the customers.


Child Daycare Service Business Proposal