Beach Party Decor Proposal

It is respectfully stated that I, Ann Fay, have been associated with ABC Designs for 6 years. ABC Design is an event organizing and decor company that takes upon several projects for various events. These events may include parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other celebrations event.

It has a huge clientele and because of the services provided to the clients, they always come back to the company and give more and more projects. After completing my graduation, I joined this company to gain experience in the practical field but could not leave the company even after the completion of my internship.

The gained knowledge allowed me to secure a permanent position as an assistant and since then I have been an active part of numerous projects.

I have gained expertise in dealing with clients, understanding their requirements, making designs, and executing everything. My seniors are always pressing me for my efforts on the creative side of the event and pushing me to move further.

Recently, our company has acquired a new project for a party decoration at a beach. I would like to take a lead on this project and showcase my skills. I have already designed a proposal for the event and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


Events are celebrated with friends and family to enjoy moments and occasions to their fullest and create a memory that can be cherished forever. These events can be a festival, religious holiday, or any other sort of celebration that people enjoy with their loved ones.

In addition, many people create an event themselves just to celebrate some time and have fun. These events can be parties with no specific reason for celebration. Such parties can be arranged anywhere in homes, restaurants, bars, or beaches. The major reason behind these parties is to become free of every worry and have some quality time.

Parties are celebrated with the same zeal as any other festival is celebrated. People decorate their homes and arrange food for their guests. Music and games are also arranged to keep the guests entertained. In recent years, designers are hired for decorating and catering services so that parties are done with no hassle, and everything is catered for.

There are a number of people that are involved in making parties successful. These people include caterers, decorators, organizers, production, game organizers, manager, and many others. All these services can be provided by a single company or multiple companies can be hired for a specific task.

Beaches provide an excellent venue for organizing parties as everyone can dress up in normal clothes and have the time of their lives doing swimming, rafting, and playing volleyball. It does not require proper suits and dresses as any other party would. Beach parties also offer an amazing variety of seafood which can be enjoyed while basking in the sun.

For organizing this event, I attended meeting with clients and listed down all their requirements so that nothing is missed out. I also visited the venue as it gives more perspective while designing a theme and how to decorate a specific area to entertain guests.

Action Plan

Each design is unique and differs based on the ideas of the designers and the requirements of clients. The action plan followed for decorating the beach is as follows,

  • Make specific boundaries to keep the space specific and decorate it with bamboo sticks.
  • Addition of beach-specific flowers in the form of bouquets on every bamboo stick.
  • Crowns of flowers for welcoming guests.
  • Adding a few tables and chairs for providing a seating area for the guests.
  • Arranging boats and rafting gears for entertaining guests.
  • Arranging Mimosa for a welcoming drink.
  • Setting up a drink corner to provide fresh juices and other soft drinks.
  • Including folk music and golf dance to exhibit the culture.
  • Adding sun chairs for basking.
  • Keeping lifeguards on standby in case of any unfortunate event.
Beach party decor proposal