Rental Apartment Construction Proposal

ABC is a company that supplies construction material to people and earns a living. It deals in various supplies along with providing variety to the customers. Many renowned construction companies prefer our supplies as we always provide quality material.

At our company, we never compromise on the quality of the material as it is a matter of life and death. Buildings with poor materials do not stand longer and are collapsing along with the people that house those buildings therefore, quality is our top priority.

I started this business because of my attraction toward the construction of huge buildings with completely different materials. Construction has always struck me hard, but I wasn’t fully aware of the process therefore I set up the business of supplies and also gained formal knowledge of construction.

Over the years, I have developed a strong liking for construction and want to start up my own business. I never have any financial issues and can finance the entire project. I would set up my own construction company that would make its mark in no time.

The most important buildings that are always in need by the people are rental apartments therefore, I would my business with the apartment construction. I have already designed a business proposal for my venture and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval. Kindly consider my request a priority.


London is one of the biggest cities in the world that accommodates millions of people and provides them with food, shelter, work, and scenery. It is also one of the most expensive places to live because of the high living standard and the comfortable environment that surrounds it.

Living in this city is not for the faint-hearted as the money can really get to you. Tiny apartments are rented for hundreds of dollars and people struggles at various job to pay off their rent on time otherwise eviction is looking their way.

Landlords never have problems renting the place to new people. All the living spaces are rented based on their size i.e., dollars per square foot. The difference in rent occurs due to the difference in location as some areas have higher property rates as compared to others.

The most suitable place for a single person is studio apartments and they are my target for a long. These studio apartments are a bit more expensive than smaller apartments but serve the purpose of everything in a big home.

A typical studio apartment is a big room with a small kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessities such as a pantry, storage space shelves, stove, and sink. Bathrooms provide the facilities of shower, toilet, and face wash. The big room is spacious enough to use as a bedroom along with a living and dining room. These studio apartments are preferred and rented by job holders as it provides space and freedom.


Setting up a completely new business is very difficult and tiring. Other than physical grind, it pressurizes your mind about the quality of work. This tedious task can only be achieved by dividing it into the following manageable objectives,

  • Set up a place for the new business and collect all the required information.
  • Hiring staff to manage different depression of business and make sure everything happens smoothly.
  • Hiring a construction team based on skills and other qualities to ensure good productivity.
  • Ordering and purchasing good quality material for the rental apartments.
  • Employing architecture to lay out the map of an imaginary building.
  • Hiring a professional team of graphic designers and management consultants for 3d images of the building.
  • Starting the construction and working through the process.
  • Hiring a marketing team to come up with good marketing strategies.

Keys to success

There are no hard and fast rules to achieve success as it is a continuous effort that always requires the influx of hard work and passion. Some of the key steps that can be followed to achieve e success are mentioned below,

  • Never compromise on the quality of material as it is a matter of life and death.
  • Do not make promises that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Always be truthful to the clients about the time required for completion and the status of the building.
  • Treat your employees in a good manner.


Every business or start-up requires a combination of skills to make it work. Luckily, I have been associated with a business already and have acquired a few skills along the way. Some of the skills that help in the business are mentioned below,

  • Management skills are very important as they allow you to manage various tasks at hand in an organized manner. Every task requires an ample investment of time and if not managed properly, it can be difficult to run a business successfully. Management skills help in building a connection with potential customers as word spread faster than anything.
  • Financial skills are key in every successful business because every deal requires the involvement of finances, and it is important to understand the knowledge of finance. It makes you independent of hiring any extra help to manage your finances

Marketing strategies

Marketing of any business is as important as the business itself therefore, special care is invested in choosing marketing strategies that can work for the desired line of business.

Some of the marketing strategies that can prove beneficial include,

  • Email to potential renters is a successful method as studio apartments are mostly rented by job holders with good salaries. These people always maintain professional email accounts and they can be used for endorsing our apartments.
  • Companies can be contacted for providing their employee’s studio apartments as house luxury. This will help in positive marketing among different employees of the company.


Rental Apartment Construction Proposal Template