Billboard Advertisement Proposal

It is respectfully stated that I, Eric Dane, have been associated with XYZ media house for 6 years. During my period, I have gained enough experience in different fields of media and have been associated with megaprojects from renowned clients. I joined this media house as an intern after my graduation, to seek practical experience in the field and my decision has paved excellent paths for me.

After completing the internship, I worked in various departments as I am always up for an adventure and intrigued to learn new things. I have been an integral part of the creative and design department as I have always been very creative and like to put in my ideas during project discussions and creation.

Last year, I received heartfelt appreciation from mentors and clients regarding my ideas and input. Recently, our media house has been hired by a renowned brand for providing a billboard advertisement, I would like to pitch in for this mega project after your approval. I have already designed a proposal for the advertisement and attached it with the following letter to help you in taking the decision. Kindly consider my request at your earliest.

Anxiously waiting for your response.


Advertisements have completely changed the horizon for marketing brands and their associated products and services. It provides a medium for every product owner to market in a manner that their message is reached to the target audience in a short time.

Although social media and other mediums have been used commonly for advertisement the charm of the conventional medium has not become old. Conventional methods are known to use for marketing and advertising products because of their simplicity and ease.

Although no process is easy and requires unique content that draws the attention of the audience, it still remains a crucial part of marketing strategies for renowned and old brands.

Billboards, also known as hoardings, are large structures that are found on the busiest roads of the area or city. These billboards are used for presenting advertisements to the public using those roads on daily basis.

It does not provide detailed information as the public is mostly in transport or in hurry, but it conveys the message of the arrival of a new product in an efficient manner. These billboards are used by brands when they launch a new product or want to push an already existing product because billboards are the only means of advertising that can engage the public.


The process of billboard advertising requires many steps to ensure that provided information is correct and can be trusted. The overall process includes interaction among the following teams and departments,

  • The research team will analyze all the products by the brand and evaluate their market worth. This team will be responsible for conducting mock trials to introduce new products to the public and gain their opinions regarding them.
  • Based on reviews by the public, the content team will create worthy content and slogans which will be displayed on the billboard. All the content decided by the team will be run through clients for approval. In addition, tag lines or famous slogans of brands will also be adjusted on the billboard advertisement.
  • The design team is involved in choosing colors, shapes, and designs of products and backgrounds. It decides the size and styles of fonts that are re-used for writing content and choose appropriate shapes that do not crowd the billboard and display maximum information.
  • The decor team decorates the set for a product shoot and hires a professional photographer and video graphed for recording. Most of the product photos shoot is done with the help of robots to give them a trendy and appealing look.

After meetings with the members of all teams and agreement on the suggestions of every department, billboard advertisements will be presented to clients and after approval, these advertisements will be sent for display.


Marketing through any media has its own significance which cannot be measured and compared with other mediums of marketing. The significance of billboard advertisement can be highlighted from the following points,

  • Billboards are displayed for the public in addition to the target audience thus, they can reach the masses.
  • Advertisements on billboards cost minimal as compared to other mediums of advertisements. Rent for billboards is paid on monthly basis and is generally in thousands.


Billboard advertisement proposal template