Construction Business Proposal Template

It is respectfully stated that I have been associated with ABC construction company for 5 years. After my graduation in the field of engineering, I joined this company to learn the basics of construction and make myself useful for practical tasks. Since then, I have learned a lot and have also been a part of many projects.

ABC construction company has successfully completed mega projects within the state. In addition to the construction of homes, this company also takes on big projects such as malls, office buildings, government buildings, and much more. I have been working in the management department and assigning tasks to laborers and employees.

Moreover, I also keep an eye on the completion of tasks by every employee. ABC company has employed hundreds of laborers to complete several projects at the same time. All these laborers are divided into different teams and are assigned tasks. Many projects are completed on deadlines and may require many laborers to work overtime and complete the project.

I have gained enormous experience in managing labor, assigning tasks based on their abilities, approving their work, and conducting meetings with clients. I have now started my own business venture a construction company. My company will only deal in the construction of residential buildings and houses.

Experience and knowledge gained over the years will truly help me in the success of my business. I have attached a proposal with the following letter to seek your approval for a house construction contract.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


Construction is the process of making buildings and other spaces from the ground up. This process requires the use of many raw materials such as bricks, cement concrete, and many others. It involves the physical hard work of hundreds of laborers working day and night to make the process of construction possible. Business of construction never goes out of work because it is very essential for daily life chores. Everyone needs a place or shelter for living or working.

Setting up a construction business is not an easy task as it requires a long and tiring process of hiring skilled laborers. Construction requires precision and skills to build something from scratch and it cannot be done by any non-skilled person.

Once construction is complete, it will be used by people and if it is not constructed in a correct manner, it may become a life hazard therefore, it is important to use raw materials of good quality and follow all the steps of construction to give a sturdy and long-lasting product.

Running a business is different from working under someone but it has its perks. Experience gained during employment teaches a lot. It paves way for setting the right foundation for a business plan.


Services provided by the construction will vary from other renowned companies because I want to facilitate maximum clients regarding their domestic problems. Services provided to the people are mentioned below,

  • Building the grey structure from the ground up follows the steps of filling the foundations of the building.
  • Arrangements of sanitation system in the building.
  • Providing electrical connections for lights and other activities.
  • Providing the facilities of painting and tiling through skilled labors.
  • Repairing and remodeling of sanitation or any other system.
  • Providing assistance for minor domestic issues such as water leakage, seepage, electrical outage, and more.


Setting up a business from scratch is not an easy task but it can be accomplished with effort and courage. Experience and knowledge play a great role in setting the foundation of a business. Tandem steps followed for setting up the business are given below,

  • Renting a place for an office and accommodating teams and gadgets.
  • Conducting interviews for hiring laborers and evaluating their skills.
  • Dividing and managing teams based on their skillset.
  • Purchasing construction equipment and renting machinery for use.
  • Teaching company protocol to all the employees regarding behavior and client dealing.
  • Registration of company for official purposes.
  • Using effective marketing strategies to spread the news about business and attract maximum clients.
  • Using social media to learn new technology and machinery.
Construction Business Proposal Template