Sports Club Proposal for Housing Society

Paradise society
East Riverside, London
Max Shepherd
House # 84, Street # 9, Paradise Society.
Contact: [X]
Date: 28 February 20XX

I am writing this letter to bring it to your attention about the needs of people living in our society. I am a respected and responsible citizen and homeowner of Paradise society. I have been among the pioneers of this society and have been living here for two decades. My time spent here has been quite good due to the people around me. On behalf of many families, I am writing this letter to draw your attention to an important matter i.e., establishing a sports club in our society. I have also attached a proposal for your assistance.

It has been noticed in previous years that numbers of sports clubs have fallen short and most of the existing clubs act as a dumping ground for the society. They are not maintained by the government or the people living there and lose their original purpose. It is also important that sports clubs should be introduced in the private sector as well because they would be taken care of.

We are seeking your attention for establishing an athlete hall for your people. We have been very happy due to your fund’s donations in our various projects and are thankful for your help in different matters through the years. A demonstration of the project can be discussed in detail if you want. I hope you will cooperate and fund this idea of a sports club. We are always available at your disposal to answer any query you have.


Marshall Latin

House # 98, Street 10, Paradise Society

Contact # +1[X]

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Sports clubs are places to promote and develop the interest of people in sports. It is used for games, competitions, and athletic activities. Sports clubs are found everywhere as government, as well as people, understand the importance of sports in one’s life. They are usually established by the government so every citizen can avail the opportunity of sports with minimal fees.

Many societies in our city have also managed sports clubs for the people of their society but we do not have access to any clubs because all clubs are very far away from Paradise society and the commute is not easy. Some passionate and dedicated people still visit those clubs as they cannot compromise on sports which is a very good thing. Not everyone in our society owns transportation so it is not possible for every person to enjoy sports as the next person can enjoy it. Therefore, I along with other members of society have decided to put forward the idea of society’s own sports club.

All the details discussed among respected personnel of society are provided below. We tried to cover each topic regarding the construction and establishment of a sports club. We missed out on any key points, kindly let us know. We will be more than happy to discuss all matters with you and put life to this idea.


After many conversations, the location finalized among was the ground behind Block A and beside Block C in Paradise society. This ground was selected due to

  • Its easy access from each block
  • Large area to construct a big sports club.
  • Smooth ground
  • Availability of all services


Funds needed to establish a sports club can be managed through the following means,

  • A big portion of funds can be provided by you as you are the chairman of the society
  • All homeowners will contribute a fixed amount each month till the running
  • A businessman would provide larger funds than all homeowners
  • The government will provide funds as certain competitions would be conducted between sports club to create and promote love for sports


  • Construction of sports club
  • Hiring professionals of every sport
  • Selection of indoor and outdoor games
  • Purchasing of equipment for games
  • Legalization of a sports club with government authority
  • Setting up a committee to govern matters of the club
  • Selection of President and Vice President of the club
  • Promotion of club throughout society as well as a whole city
  • Enrolment of students for learning sports
  • Timetable of club


There are many advantages associated with establishing a sports club within society. Some of these are the following,

  1. Improved health

An important point is an improvement in the health of individuals, as sports keep a person fit and energetic.

  1. Improved concentration

Games improve the concentration of a person as they have to be very vigilant while playing. Games such as chess, carom, are all played with mind.

  1. Time management

Sports teach us the value of time as each moment is very precious while playing. A single moment decides your fate in a game, you might lose a winning game in just a moment.

  1. Activity for kids

Instead of wasting their time on TV and other video games, kids would join a sports club and enjoy it. It will have a positive effect on their studies as well.

  1. Meeting each other

People will meet one another in a club otherwise, they are bound to their houses and do not know anything about people living next door.

  1. Healthy competition

Competition between kids from the same club or from a different club can create a healthy environment for every person. It will increase their love for sports.

Time Duration

Time taken for building a sports club will be very long. It might take 1 and a half years if work does not stop after starting. The process of its running will start from

  • Construction
  • Structure
  • Tiling
  • Water, electricity connections
  • Paint
  • Fixing all equipment
  • Inauguration


Services provided by the club will include

  • Indoor games such as chess, carom, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and others
  • Outdoor games such as cricket, rugby, baseball.
  • Learning of every game and its rules from an instructor
  • Separate gym for male and female residents
  • Competition conducted between different clubs
  • Interaction with higher authorities to consider best player of the club for international and national games
  • Organizing sports gala to let each resident enjoy sports and food together


Sports club proposal for housing society