Property Management Proposal

Thank you for inviting us to provide you with a proposal for managing your property. We are a certified company of Real-estate brokers and have been in this business for the past 2 decades. We would be grateful to your company if you allow us to lease and manage your property and you just focus on growing your business.

I and my team have prepared a detailed proposal for your company and we are sure, once you read our proposal, you will be convinced that we are the best at our work. Thank you for your consideration and if you have any queries, please let us know.

Sincerely, Harris Ford ABC

Property Management Proposal for XYZ

About the Company

We specialize in maintenance and facility repair. We provide 24-hour assistance to our clients where they are able to talk to our experts. With our immense administrative and financial services, we minimize personal involvement and maximize opportunities.


We provide the following administrative and financial services

  • Administrative

  1. Maintenance of files and registries
  2. Status certificates
  3. Remittance submissions
  4. Hiring employees
  5. Rentals
  6. Maintenance and repair
  7. 24 hours Assistance
  • Financial

  • Fee Collection
  • Account payables and Account receivables management
  • Accounting
  • Bi-monthly statements
  • Payrolls


We will provide you with a full suite of property management while guaranteeing prime indulgence. If interested, we can offer you a free property management analysis so you can see for yourself what innovative and successful solutions we provide. Our staff is there for you 24 hours a day to give you that peace of mind which you deserve.

Property Management Services

While managing the property, we provide the following services:


Our company assists its client companies in finding properties for investment purposes. Our teams sit with our clients and work out budgets and other criteria. Once they are settled, we find properties that fit the criteria so they can make the purchases.


After we have finalized a particular property, we assess it. We look into the surroundings, the location, and the prospects of that locality.


When we get a ‘go-ahead’ for the property, we start working with the financer or the investors so the process of acquiring the property initiates. Sometimes a few backs and forth offers are made in order to achieve a reasonable and acceptable value.


Our team of licensed inspectors of the real estate inspects the property, land, home, or office in order to get a clearance.


After the process of acquiring and inspection, we acquire the Certificate of Occupancy and prepare the building for lease.


The property is then thoroughly cleaned and if any repair work needs to be done, it is performed to make it in a perfectly working condition.

Tenant Hunt

Meanwhile, the repairing work is being done, we start looking for the tenants by posting advertisements and listings. We place ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’ signs outside the property as well as photographing beautiful pictures of the property and publish them. Also, we arrange open houses.


Our company retorts to the tenant requests for repairs if required. We have qualified contractors that provide services such as plumbing, electrical work, and water-related issues. We offer a Buyer’s warranty to cover the maintenance costs, which must be purchased.

Tenant Related Issues

Our company deals with the issues that are related to the tenants:


If a tenant does illegal stuff on the property or, does not make the payment at the required intervals, they may be evicted from the property and the matter will be brought in front of the courts of the state. Our company will represent the client owner and we will charge a nominal amount for each sitting.


In case a tenant breaks the contractor does not pay the rent or any other sort of dispute arises, our company will contact the authorities to tackle the situation and it will be our responsibility to handle the situation as smoothly as possible.


Proposal Acceptance

Once XYZ accepts our proposal, our development and planning team will have a detailed discussion with the company authorities. They will visit the property sites and assess them.

Time: 2 weeks

Signing Contract

After finalizing the terms and conditions, both parties will sign a contract and an agreement shall be made according to the law of the state.

Time: 1-2 days

Report Submission

Once the properties have been finalized, a monthly property management report will be submitted to the XYZ authorities. These reports will be provided for accountability and record-keeping purposes.


ABC shall make the maintenance payments prior to the agreed-upon management time.


The details of the costs are provided below:

Project Development$2,000/-3$6,000
Management fee$10,000/-3$30,000

Terms and Conditions

Once the contract has been signed, both parties will be in a binding contract under the laws of the State.

Additional Costs:

Sale of Property: In the case of a property sale, a commission of 4% will be charged for client representation.

Cooperating: In case a tenant is not represented, ABC will charge 1-month rent of the property.

Buyer’s Warranty: A buyer’s warranty must be purchased before any new tenant acquires the property.


  • Clearing or disposing of all waste produced during the construction or repair work, will be our company’s responsibility.
  • All installation materials will meet industry standards.
  • If heavy machinery is being used in the process of repair or maintenance work, the cost will be covered by ABC Company.
  • A list of our team members and staff will be provided to XYZ for validation and record keeping.
  • ABC will be responsible for providing transportation for all the equipment to and from the property.

Property Management Proposal